Table 1

HA crystal structures and templates selected for HASP server
Subtype PDB IDa
H1 1RD8, 1RU7, 1RUY, 1RUZ, 1RV0, 1RVT, 1RVX, 1RVZ, 2WRG, 2WRH, 3GBN, 3HTO, 3HTP, 3HTQ, 3HTT, 3LZF, 3LZG, 3M6S
H2 2WR7, 2WRB, 2WRC, 2WRD, 2WRE, 2WRF, 3KU3, 3KU5, 3KU6
H3 1EO8, 1HA0, 1HGD, 1HGE, 1HGF, 1HGG, 1HGH, 1HGI, 1HGJ, 1HTM, 1KEN, 1MQL, 1MQM, 1MQN, 1QFU, 1QU1, 2HMG, 2OJE, 2VIR, 2VIS, 2VIT, 2VIU, 3EYM, 3HMG, 4HMG, 5HMG
H5 1JSM, 1JSN, 1JSO, 2FK0, 2IBX, 3FKU, 3GBM, 3MGO
H7 1TI8

aPDB IDs in bold were selected as template structures for comparative modeling. The structures and the corresponding publications can be found online in the Research Collaboratory for Structural Biosciences PDB: webcite.

Ambroggio et al.

Ambroggio et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2013 14:197   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-14-197

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