Figure 3.

Comparison of the HCV interaction network with the HPV interaction network for the known interactions. (A) The HCV interaction network is overlaid by the HPV interaction network by WebInterViewer [22]. Both networks show the known interactions of HCV and HPV with human proteins. HCV and HPV have 11 human proteins as their common interaction partners: STAT3 (HPRD 00026), CDKN1A (HPRD 00298), NR4A1 (HPRD 00744), JUN (HPRD 01302), TP53 (HPRD 01859), TP73 (HPRD 03587), IPO5 (HPRD 03597), FADD (HPRD 03909), FHL2 (HPRD 04026), EP300 (HPRD 04078), and AHNAK (HPRD 14684). Pink node: human protein interacting with both HCV and HPV proteins; yellow node: HCV protein, cyan node: HPV protein; white node: human protein interacting with either HCV protein or HPV protein but not both. (B) The CDKN1A (HPRD 00298), TP53 (HPRD 01859), TP73 (HPRD 03587), and FADD (HPRD 03909) proteins in the red box are the common interaction partners of the HCV core protein and HPV E6 protein. They are known to be engaged in the p53 signaling pathway for apoptosis webcite.

Cui et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13(Suppl 7):S5   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-S7-S5