Table 1

Viral miRNAs in the study, divided into two groups
hcmv-miR- No. of targets
US25-1-3p 49
US5-2-3p 70
UL36-5p 92
US5-1-3p 97
UL22A-5p 176
UL112-3p 186
A US25-1-5p 212
US33-3p 278
US25-2-3p 310
UL22A-3p 310
US33-5p 320
US25-2-5p 352
UL36-3p 861
US5-2-5p 71
US22-3p 102
US4-3p 271
UL112-5p 295
B US4-5p-shift5 297
US29-3p 314
US29-5p∗∗ 339
US22-5p 482

A) miRNAs from miRBase, Release 18 [1]; (B) additional miRNAs recently found by Deep Sequencing [29,30]. Each group is sorted by the number of targets. The sequence of miR-US4-5p that was detected by deep sequencing in [29,30] was shifted by 5 bp at the 5end from the miRBase sequence, we included the shifted sequence in the datasets. ∗∗Denoted as US33a in [29]. In addition, mature miRNAs from miR-UL70 were not detected by the deep-sequencing, thus they were not included in the analysis.

Veksler-Lublinsky et al.

Veksler-Lublinsky et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13:322   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-322

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