Table 1

Bioinformatics Resource Manager (BRM) v2.3 capabilities
Data Management XREF Identifier Retrieval
• Organization and Storage • Gene Identifiers (NCBI)
• Versioning • Protein Identifiers (UniParc)
• Meta-data tracking • Cross Species Orthologs (Ensembl)
• Importing data from clipboard, EDMS • Prokaryotic Identifiers (CMR)
Data Processing and Editing miRNA Datasource Retrieval
• Dataset Merging • miRNA Predicted Targets
• Table Features (OpenOffice Calc) • (TargetScan, microCosm, microRNA)
• Extraction of Embedded Data/IDs • miRNA Identifiers
• Column Merging/Splitting • miRNA Metadata
• Duplicate Row Removal
• Edit Column Headers DatWorkflows
• Affymetrix QC/Normalization (R)
Batch Annotations Retrieval • Network Inference (CLR, Pearson)
• Gene Ontology (GO)
• Pathways (KEGG) Data Analysis and Visualization*
• Gene Annotation (NCBI, CMR, miRNA) • Clustering (MeV)
• Protein Annotation (Uniparc, CMR) • Network Visualization (Cytoscape)
• Protein Interactions (BIND, Prolinks) • Functional Enrichment (DAVID)

*Data broadcast via GAGGLE framework.

Tilton et al.

Tilton et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13:311   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-311

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