Table 4

Betweenness Centrality properties for different human PINs
Protein interaction network Nodes examined Average BC (per protein) Maximum BC
full PIN -spoke all 21663.7 6930614.5
Drug targets only 47319.8 6930614.5
Non-drug targets only 19545.3 5195198.1
B nodes only 23985.2 6930614.5
N nodes only 46165.3 6930614.5
S nodes only 43327.2 6930614.5
BioGRID subnetwork all 13704.3 4436940.8
Rual+Stelzl subnetwork all 5960.5 506957.4

BC behaves similar to degree in the sense that drug targets have higher centralities than non-drug targets, and in the sense that BioGRID and Rual-Stelzl display smaller values in comparison with the consolidated data set. However, a difference appears regarding interaction type, where nodes belonging to n-ary interactions (N and S nodes) are more central than nodes belonging to binary interactions.

Mora and Donaldson

Mora and Donaldson BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13:294   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-13-294

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