Figure 2.

Comparison of the experimentally measured and the NODE model simulated patterns of eve mRNA. Cylindrical projections of the measured pattern of eve mRNA concentrations (left column), the NODE model simulated pattern of eve mRNA (center column), and the simulation error (right column) at six successive time points during blastoderm Stage 5 (rows). The eve mRNA concentration values have been normalized to range from 0 to 1 and the simulation error shown is the absolute value of the difference between experimental and simulated eve concentration in the embryo. The NODE model was generated using only data from Stage 5:0-3 and Stage 5:4-8, and the data from Stage 5:0-3 was used as the initial condition for simulation. It is able to predict the expression pattern well except for Stage 5:76-100.

Aswani et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2010 11:413   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-11-413
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