Figure 7.

Overall signal to noise ratio. The mean number of predicted miTGs per miRNA for different miTG score cutoffs. The red curve corresponds to a set of 75 miRNAs conserved in at least six species (human, chimp, mouse, rat, dog, chicken), whereas the blue curve corresponds to a set of 227 miRNAs which represent the miRNA families (with varying conservation levels). The values next to the curves indicate the overall SNR. Higher miTG score leads to fewer predicted miTGs with higher overall SNR, which suggests a lower number of false positive predicted miTGs. The suggested strict (red bars) and loose (green bar) miTG score thresholds are marked on the curves. For the strict miTG score threshold (miTG score = 19), the estimated overall SNR for the set of 227 miRNAs (blue line) is 3, meaning that approximately one in three predicted miTGs might be a false positive. In comparison, at the loose suggested threshold (miTG score = 7.3), approximately one in two predicted miTGs might be a false positive.

Maragkakis et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2009 10:295   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-10-295
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