Figure 5.

Define biologically meaningful score threshold. Experimentally validated targets correctly predicted by DIANA-microT 3.0 versus the average number of predicted miTGs per miRNA. The slope of this curve corresponds to the rate in which correct validated targets are discovered as more miTGs are predicted. There are two distinct points in which the slope changes. These points correspond to miTG score values of 19 and 7.3 which are proposed as the strict and loose miTG score thresholds respectively. As a control, the order of miTGs with scores lower than each threshold was shuffled. The discovery rate of these controls is shown with dotted lines. The red line shows all miTGs in random order, the blue line those with miTG score under 19 and the green line those with miTG score under 7.3. The difference in slope between the solid line and each dotted line shows the improvement on the discovery rate achieved by the DIANA-microT scoring scheme. Two other target prediction programs (Pictar and TargetScan 4.2) have been compared to DIANA-microT 3.0 on the same dataset achieving similar precision levels (figure 9).

Maragkakis et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2009 10:295   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-10-295
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