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Nutrition and Sports Science Open Access Research


Welcome to our Sports Science and Nutrition page featuring content selected by our Editors. Here we will highlight relevant journals and articles, blogs, themed content, information on recent and upcoming events and more.

Call for Papers

Nutrition JournalSex and gender differences in dietary intake and other dietary behaviors across the life course

There is increasing attention to the role that sex and gender play in health behaviors and outcomes. For example, the prevalence of some chronic diseases differs between males and females and sex differences have been observed in life expectancy. Topics for this special issue may include but are not limited to:

• Associations between sex and/or gender and factors that influence dietary intake
• Sex and/or gender differences in the relationship between dietary intake and disease risk
• Sex and/or gender differences in response to dietary interventions

Submission deadline: August 31, 2019. Find out more here.

Nutrition & MetabolismSpecial issue on: Precision Nutrition

Rates of diet-related chronic disease are increasing globally, driving the need to both understand the dose-response relationships among nutrients and chronic disease, and to establish scientifically-grounded guidance for optimal dietary intakes. This special issue is dedicated to improving our knowledge in precision nutrition and involves the following topics:

  • The link between metabolism and chronic diseases
  • Strategies to define responders and non-responders to nutritional interventions
  • Associations between nutrient intake and health/disease state
  • Biomarkers for metabolic disease
  • Conditionally essential nutrients in health and disease
  • Links between nutrient intake and the microbiome

Submission deadline: 31 Dec 2019. Find out more here.

Featured Journals

Nutrition ImageNutrition Journal

Nutrition Journal provides a global platform to disseminate innovative surveillance, epidemiologic, and intervention research relevant to human nutrition. Embracing a holistic approach, the journal considers population and public health as well as clinical contexts, and studies shedding light on links between eating patterns and the environment. Read more

Role of whole grains versus fruits and vegetables in reducing subclinical inflammation and promoting gastrointestinal health in individuals affected by overweight and obesity: a randomized controlled trial

Progress of children with severe acute malnutrition in the malnutrition treatment centre rehabilitation program: evidence from a prospective study in Jharkhand, India

Fortified food supplementation in children with reduced dietary energy and micronutrients intake in Southern Mexico

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical ActivityInternational Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (IJBNPA) is devoted to furthering the understanding of the behavioral aspects of diet and physical activity and is unique in its inclusion of multiple levels of analysis, including populations, groups and individuals and its inclusion of epidemiology, and behavioral, theoretical and measurement research areas.  Read more

Changes in diet through adolescence and early adulthood: longitudinal trajectories and association with key life transitions

Multilevel approaches to increase fruit and vegetable intake in low-income housing communities: final results of the ‘Live Well, Viva Bien’ cluster-randomized trial

Children’s everyday exposure to food marketing

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity is pleased to present a recent video abstract on Children’s everyday exposure to food marketing. This paper reports on innovative research, Kids’Cam, in which children wore cameras to examine the frequency and nature of everyday exposure to food marketing across multiple media and settings. 

Read the full article 

How to Get Kids Moving

International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity is pleased to present a brand new video abstract on How to get kids moving based on the research article ‘The theory of expanded, extended, and enhanced opportunities for youth physical activity promotion’. 

Read the article in full