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Food, Health and Environmental Sustainability

  1. Through their support of local agriculture, relationships, and healthy diets, farmers markets can contribute to a sustainable food system. Markets like the Yellowknife Farmers Market (YKFM) are social spaces t...

    Authors: Josalyn Radcliffe, Kelly Skinner, Andrew Spring, Lise Picard, France Benoit and Warren Dodd
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2021 20:12
  2. Healthy and sustainable dietary practices offer a possible solution to competing tensions between health and environmental sustainability, particularly as global food systems transition. To encourage such diet...

    Authors: Carolyn I. Auma, Rebecca Pradeilles, Megan K. Blake, David Musoke and Michelle Holdsworth
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2020 19:127
  3. Higher diet quality has been associated with greater amounts of food waste among adults in the United States. This study aims to build on previous work by examining the association between diet quality and foo...

    Authors: Nicholas Carroll, Angela Wallace, Kira Jewell, Gerarda Darlington, David W. L. Ma, Alison M. Duncan, Kate Parizeau, Michael von Massow and Jess Haines
    Citation: Nutrition Journal 2020 19:54