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DNA Day 2019

Celebrating the discovery of the double helix

DNA Day 2019

Held this year on April 25th, DNA Day celebrates the discovery of the double helix in 1953 and the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. 

At BMC, we mark DNA Day by providing you, the researcher, with some top open access content. Including both highly cited and accessed articles, we hope you find these articles of interest.

Recently Published Featured Articles


BMC Biology

The Y chromosome sequence of the channel catfish suggests novel sex determination mechanisms in teleost fish

Presenting one of the few whole Y-chromosome sequences reported among vertebrates, and provides insights into sex determination mechanisms.

MalariaBMC Medicine

Mapping malaria by combining parasite genomic and epidemiologic data

This article, on the use of parasite genetics and epidemiological modeling and mapping to understand malaria transmission, did well on social media and has future research implications.

DNA splicing patternsGenome Biology

Combined single-cell profiling of expression and DNA methylation reveals splicing regulation and heterogeneity

One of the journal’s most highly accessed papers of the year so far, this article looks at the variability at the single cell level of DNA splicing patterns and DNA methylation patterns, and how they relate.

Genome MedicineGenome Medicine

Next Generation-Targeted Amplicon Sequencing (NG-TAS): an optimised protocol and computational pipeline for cost-effective profiling of circulating tumour DNA

A method for the fast and flexible profiling of ctDNA, named Next Generation-Targeted Amplicon Sequencing (NG-TAS), which can also monitor  disease int the patient setting.