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Clinical Trials Day 2024: Trailblazers Among Us

New Content ItemClinical Trials Day, celebrated on May 20th, is an opportunity to recognize and show appreciation to clinical research professionals for their efforts in improving public health. 

This year's theme celebrates the work of clinical research professionals as modern-day trailblazers and the engines that power the advancement of human health. 

Join us in celebrating Clinical Trials Day 2024 with blogs, featured articles, and collections from BMC Trials.

Clinical Trials Research

Featured Blogs

Key takeaways from recent conference attendance

Clinical Trials Day is a day to recognize the dedication of researchers, the resilience of participants, and the impact of clinical trials on improving healthcare worldwide.

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Clinical trial registration: past, present, and future

This post examines clinical trial registration, detailing its origins, current strengths and weaknesses, and a call to re-engage with the vital practice moving forward.

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Celebrating the trailblazers of wellbeing in research

We take a look at five ISRCTN studies championing patient wellbeing, carer wellbeing and healthcare professional wellbeing.

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Combatting youth mental health stigma with art

Prof. Ana Beato of Lusófona University Portugal discusses the WeARTolerance arts-based program to reduce mental-health-related stigma in young people.

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Welcoming Submissions

Call for papers: The collection, analysis and reporting of adverse events in randomised controlled trials

Adverse eventsTrials is inviting submission of manuscripts, long and short, including original research and education articles for best practice in the collection, analysis and reporting of adverse events in randomised controlled trials.

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