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Clinical Trials Day

Clinical Trials Day, celebrated on May 20th, is an opportunity to recognize and show appreciation to clinical research professionals for their efforts in improving public health. BMC is proud to support Clinical Trials Day 2021 by featuring curated articles, blogs and collections. All articles are free to read until June 20th 2021, open access articles are freely available at any time.

If you are interested in publishing clinical trials research, please consider submitting your manuscript to the latest collections in our Trials journal: Impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials and Case studies of experience with interim data and IDMCs in RCTs

Clinical Trials Research

Featured articles from BMC & Springer

Journal of Translational Medicine

Are there subgroups of chronic fatigue syndrome? An exploratory cluster analysis of biological markers

Pilot and Feasibility Studies

Determining sample size for progression criteria for pragmatic pilot RCTs: the hypothesis test strikes back!

Guidance for conducting feasibility and pilot studies for implementation trials

Research Involvement and Engagement

Patient and public involvement prior to trial initiation: lessons learnt for rapid partnership in the COVID-19 era

Systematic Reviews

Non-randomised evaluations of strategies to increase participant retention in randomised controlled trials: a systematic review


How to deal with a temporary suspension and restarting your trial: our experiences and lessons learnt

COVID-19 trials: declarations of data sharing intentions at trial registration and at publication

An under-represented and underserved population in trials: methodological, structural, and systemic barriers to the inclusion of adults lacking capacity to consent

Digital tools for the recruitment and retention of participants in randomised controlled trials: a systematic map

It is unprecedented: trial management during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Managing clinical trials during COVID-19: experience from a clinical research facility

Developing a roadmap to improve trial delivery for under-served groups: results from a UK multi-stakeholder process

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Evaluating Clinical Trial Outcome Reporting Practices

Using Implementation Science-Guided Pilot Studies to Assess and Improve the Informativeness of Clinical Trials

European Journal of Medical Research

Safety and effectiveness of high-dose vitamin C in patients with COVID-19: a randomized open-label clinical trial

Echinacea reduces antibiotic usage in children through respiratory tract infection prevention: a randomized, blinded, controlled clinical trial

Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Pharmacodynamic biomarkers in metronomic chemotherapy: multiplex cytokine measurements in gastrointestinal cancer patients

BMC Cancer

Are cancer patients better off if they participate in clinical trials? A mixed methods study

BMC Geriatrics

Feasibility and safety of high-intensity interval training for the rehabilitation of geriatric inpatients (HIITERGY) a pilot randomized study

BMC Medical Research Methodology

A four-step strategy for handling missing outcome data in randomised trials affected by a pandemic

BMC Medicine

Treatment estimands in clinical trials of patients hospitalised for COVID-19: ensuring trials ask the right questions

Adding flexibility to clinical trial designs: an example-based guide to the practical use of adaptive designs

BMC Microbiology

Limited effects of long-term daily cranberry consumption on the gut microbiome in a placebo-controlled study of women with recurrent urinary tract infections

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Predictors of a placebo response in patients with hand osteoarthritis: post-hoc analysis of two randomized controlled trials

BMC Research Notes

A pilot randomized controlled trial of a tailored smoking cessation program for people living with HIV in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area

BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies

Efficacy of a curcumin extract (Curcugen™) on gastrointestinal symptoms and intestinal microbiota in adults with self-reported digestive complaints: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study

BMC Medical Ethics

Redundant trials can be prevented, if the EU clinical trial regulation is applied duly

BMC Oral Health

Impact of non-restorative cavity control on proximal carious lesions of anterior primary teeth on the tooth survival and patient-centered outcomes (CEPECO 2): study protocol for a non-inferiority randomized clinical trial

BMC Pediatrics

The effect of inhaling mother’s breast milk odor on the behavioral responses to pain caused by hepatitis B vaccine in preterm infants: a randomized clinical trial

BMC Pulmonary Medicine

Adherence to walking exercise prescription during pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD with a commercial activity monitor: a feasibility trial

Featured Blogs

The clinical trials fighting COVID-19: platform and repurposed drug trials

In the first segment of a two-part blog, we look back at a year of COVID-19 studies registered at the ISRCTN registry, starting with the platform and repurposed drug treatment trials.

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The clinical trials fighting COVID-19: vaccines, testing and other conditions

In the second part of this blog we discuss the vaccine trials and studies looking at testing and the impact of COVID-19 on other conditions.

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Welcoming Submissions

Call for papers: Case studies of experience with interim data and IDMCs in RCTs

Trials invites submission of manuscripts setting out examples of interim (and final) data and the decisions that were made, and of reactions to IDMC recommendations. IDMC members are not co-authors on trial results papers or protocol papers because this compromises their independence; however, co-authorship would be encouraged for these manuscripts to ensure that insight is captured from all parties. If necessary, Trials could explore how to blind individual trials where sharing lessons could be problematic. These case studies would be intended as Commentaries.

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Call for papers: Impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials

Trials is inviting submission of manuscripts, long and short, including Letters and Commentaries detailing the enforced changes to trial design; trial management; recruitment; consent process; intervention delivery and follow up as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also welcome submission of Updates to protocols previously published in Trials that describe changes made because of COVID-19.

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