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HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2019

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (HVAD), also known as World AIDS Vaccine Day is observed annually on May 18th as a day to educate communities across the world about the importance of HIV vaccine research.

HIV Vaccine Awareness DayBelow, we have pulled together relevant articles across on HIV vaccination from our BMC portfolio of journals. At BMC, all of our articles are open access - unrestricted and free to read and distribute.

Featured Journals

AIDS ResearchAs an established multidisciplinary journal, AIDS Research and Therapy advances the prevention, treatment and global understanding of HIV/AIDS. Open access publishing provides a truly universal platform for scientists, clinicians, health workers and patients to stay abreast of the latest treatments, preventions and the search for the cure. Read more

A novel HIV vaccine targeting the protease cleavage sites

Retrovirology​​​​​​​Retrovirology is a community-rooted journal encompassing all disciplines of human and animal retrovirus research. The journal welcomes manuscripts on all aspects of clinical and basic science research relating to retroviral elements, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV), as well as endogenous retroviruses and their emerging role in cancer and autoimmune diseases. Read more​​​​​​​

CD8+ T cells specific for conserved, cross-reactive Gag epitopes with strong ability to suppress HIV-1 replication

Infectious DiseaseWith a dynamic and robust focus on the infectious diseases that disproportionately affect poor populations, Infectious Diseases of Poverty is an open access journal with a trans-disciplinary approach spanning research, implementation and policy. Served by a well-established and global Editorial Board, the journal attracts a large readership from around the world, provides a platform for discussion and evidence building, and offers abstracts translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. Read more

Sustaining the community dispensation strategy of HIV antiretroviral through community participation

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Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) against HIV

Neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs)Since the discovery of HIV-1 as the causative virus of AIDS over 35 years ago, scientists have tried to stop the virus spreading through the human population by generating a protective vaccine. This thematic series in Retrovirology contains a collection of review articles that describe bNAb development after HIV-1 infection, the application of bNAbs as therapeutics and the attempts to elicit bNAbs by vaccination. Read the articles.

More HIV related articles

Gender disparity in epidemiological trend of HIV/AIDS infection and treatment in Ethiopia Archives of Public Health

Strategies to integrate community-based traditional and complementary healthcare systems into mainstream HIV prevention programs in resource-limited settings
Globalization and Health

‘Virus Carriers’ and HIV testing: navigating Ukraine’s HIV policies and programming for female sex workers Health Research Policy and Systems​​​​​​​

It’s not “all in your head”: critical knowledge gaps on internalized HIV stigma and a call for integrating social and structural conceptualizations​​​​​​​ BMC Infectious Diseases​​​​​​​

Exploring HIV risks, testing and prevention among sub-Saharan African community members in Australia International Journal for Equity in Health

Community health worker support to improve HIV treatment outcomes for older children and adolescents in Zimbabwe: a process evaluation of the ZENITH trial 
Implementation Science

Provision and continuation of antiretroviral therapy during acute conflict: the experience of MSF in Central African Republic and Yemen​​​​​​​ Conflict and Health

Health system strategies to increase HIV screening among pregnant women in Mesoamerica​​​​​​​ Population Health Metrics​​​​​​​

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