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World Microbiome Day 2020

#WorldMicrobiomeDay © EUFIC, APC Microbiome Ireland, Microbiome supportMicroorganisms are everywhere. They are inside (and on) us, around us in the environment, in animals, plants and even in space. They form microbial communities (microbiota) in these habitats and have become integral to every facet of life. For World Microbiome Day, the Microbiome family of journals, Microbiome, Animal Microbiome and Environmental Microbiome, have highlighted, through recent publications, some of the many different aspects of life impacted by microbiome research.  

Antimicrobial Resistance

© Image by Arek Socha - PixabayView our ongoing collection on Antimicrobial resistance and the microbiome. You can submit your paper for this collection through any of the Microbiome family journals.

Animal husbandry

Image from Skeeze - Pixabay © Image from Skeeze - PixabayView our collection on Engineering optimal livestock microbiomes and submit your paper to the series through Animal Microbiome.


5Gyres, courtesy of Oregon State University / CC BY-SA / No changes made ( of the world is suffering from the polluting impacts of human activities. Microbial communities could provide the solution to clearing up the environmental pollutants. Environmental Microbiome is therefore running a special collection Bioremediation and microbiomes to bring together articles that address bioremediation of environments.  

At the Extreme

Yellowstone Park  © Credit: "Jurvetson" via Flickr, under a CC-BY license.

Microbial communities have the extraordinary ability to survive and thrive in extreme environmental conditions. Animal Microbiome, Environmental Microbiome and Microbiome are all participating in a cross-journal collection looking at Life at the extreme

Aeronautics and space

Image from PixabayView our collection on Aeronautics and space microbiomes  for a range of our articles on space microbiomes. You can submit to the collection via Microbiome or Environmental Microbiome.