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Health care equity

  1. Original research article

    Social characteristics associated with disparities in smoking rates in Israel

    Cigarette smoking is a major cause of health disparities. We aimed to determine social characteristics associated with smoking status and age at smoking initiation in the ethnically-diverse population of Israel.

    Ofra Kalter-Leibovici, Angela Chetrit, Shlomit Avni, Emma Averbuch, Ilya Novikov and Nihaya Daoud

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2016 5:36

    Published on: 1 December 2016

  2. Commentary

    Challenges faced by Arab women who are interested in becoming physicians

    Understanding the underlying reasons for the under-representation of Arab women within the health care system in Israel is crucial for creating future strategies for intervention, in order to minimize the gaps...

    Bishara Bisharat and Abdalla Bowirrat

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2015 4:30

    Published on: 30 June 2015

  3. Commentary

    Saltman on solidarity

    Richard Saltman suggests that solidarity, a cherished notion at the heart of West European health care systems is being reconsidered in the light of today’s austere economic conditions. Solidarity, he argues, ...

    Lawrence D. Brown and David P. Chinitz

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2015 4:27

    Published on: 10 June 2015

  4. Original research article

    Israeli Druze women’s sex preferences when choosing obstetricians and gynecologists

    Consideration and better understanding of patients’ needs on the part of the healthcare system might help increase the number of people seeking necessary medical care. Many studies have been conducted on patie...

    Jonia Amer-Alshiek, Tahani Alshiek, Yifat Amir Levy, Foad Azem, Ami Amit and Hadar Amir

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2015 4:13

    Published on: 1 June 2015

  5. Commentary

    Inequalities in waiting times by socioeconomic status

    Waiting times for elective care are a major health policy issue in many developed countries. Recent empirical studies suggest that inequalities in waiting times by socioeconomic status are present within publi...

    Luigi Siciliani

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2014 3:38

    Published on: 27 November 2014

  6. Original research article

    Do rich Israelis wait less for medical care?

    Waiting time to receive medical care is a disturbing phenomenon in many healthcare systems. Furthermore, waiting times are usually distributed in the population in an inequitable way.

    Amir Shmueli

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2014 3:30

    Published on: 29 September 2014

  7. Commentary

    The case for establishing a Holocaust survivors cohort in Israel

    In this issue, Keinan-Boker summarises the main studies that have followed up offspring of women exposed to famine during pregnancy and calls for the establishment of a national cohort of Holocaust survivors a...

    Caroline HD Fall and Kalyanaraman Kumaran

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2014 3:22

    Published on: 24 June 2014

  8. Integrative article

    How can medical schools contribute to bringing about health equity?

    The role of medical schools is in a process of change. The World Health Organization has declared that they can no longer be ivory towers whose primary focus is the production of specialist physicians and cutt...

    Mary CJ Rudolf, Shmuel Reis, Trevor J Gibbs, Deborah Murdoch Eaton, David Stone, Michael Grady, Anita Berlin, Mitch Blair, Jumanah Essa-Hadad, Sivan Spitzer-Shohat and Michael Weingarten

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2014 3:17

    Published on: 27 May 2014

  9. Integrative article

    “The mothers have eaten unripe grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge”: the potential inter-generational effects of the Holocaust on chronic morbidity in Holocaust survivors’ offspring

    Modern epidemiology has evolved in the last decades from the simplified “cause-effect” paradigm to a multi-factorial framework of causality. The concept of “Fetal Origin of Adult Diseases” (FOAD) is a good exa...

    Lital Keinan-Boker

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2014 3:11

    Published on: 25 March 2014

  10. Original research article

    Becoming poor and the cutback in the demand for health services in Israel

    This paper examines whether individuals facing the threat of poverty are curtailing their consumption of various goods and services in a given order and, if among the expenditures that are cut back, there are ...

    Joseph Deutsch, Adi Lazar and Jacques Silber

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2013 2:49

    Published on: 19 December 2013

  11. Original research article

    Oncologists’ and family physicians’ views on value for money of cancer and congestive heart failure care

    Previous studies suggest that cancer-related interventions are valued by policy makers more favorably than interventions for other medical conditions, but the views of practicing physicians have not yet been a...

    Dan Greenberg, Ariel Hammerman, Shlomo Vinker, Adi Shani, Yuval Yermiahu and Peter J Neumann

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2013 2:44

    Published on: 18 November 2013

  12. Original research article

    Regional gaps in the provision of inpatient rehabilitation services for the elderly in Israel: Results of a national survey

    Medical events, such as stroke, limb fractures, joint replacements and spinal injuries, can lead to acute functional disability at all ages and to chronic disability, especially among the elderly. Rehabilitati...

    Inbar Zucker, Irit Laxer, Iris Rasooli, Shulamit Han, Aaron Cohen and Tamar Shohat

    Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2013 2:27

    Published on: 23 July 2013