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BioMed Central Author Workshops, aiming at improving the scientific writing skills of Chinese researchers as well as facilitating the communication with Chinese authors, were successfully launched in October 2012. The presenters of these workshops are all senior editors from BioMed Central who possess rich experience in peer review and editorial decision making. The first stop of author workshops took place in Beijing where Dr. Michaela Torkar, editor director of BioMed Central, did four talks in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Academy of Military Medical Sciences. The second stop took place in Guangzhou in early December where Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, publisher at BioMed Central, gave a talk in Sun Yat-sen University. All of the five workshops received great success and proved to be extremely popular with Chinese researchers. For the upcoming events in 2013 please check China Gateway regularly or follow the official Weibo of BioMed Central.

Dr. Michaela Torkar in workshop Audience of workshop

Author Academy now available in Chinese

The BioMed Central Author Academy is a guide from BioMed Central and Edanz on writing and publishing a scientific manuscript. The Author Academy is aimed at international authors and is now available in Chinese.


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