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    Twin fetal tool can assess growth

    An adjustable fetal weight standard for twin pregnancies can be used to accurately assess growth while taking into account variables such as race, suggesting that this tool can be used in different populations.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:159
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    A role for DNA demethylase ALKBH3 in cancer

    A characterization of the genomic binding pattern of ALKBH3 and gene expression in prostate cancer cells reveals this oxidative DNA demethylase strongly binds a small number of highly active gene promoters.

    Genome Medicine 2015, 7:66
  • Image attributed to: Magnus Manske, CC2.0

    Male and female brain size in primates

    Larger brain size in males is a pattern persisting throughout primate and human evolution; new experiments suggest a major role for estrogen in down-regulating genes linked to brain size, resulting in the smaller female brain size.

    BMC Evolutionary Biology 2015, 15:127
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    Fall-related injuries prevalent in LMICs

    The prevalence of fall-related injuries ranges from 1% to 6.6% in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), and those with depression, sleeping problems and comorbidities are at greater risk, providing insights into the risk factors for falls. 

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:147
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    Anti-PCSK9 antibodies improve lipid ratios

    In a systematic review and meta-analysis, anti-PCSK9 antibodies reduce LDL cholesterol, increase HDL cholesterol, and are well-tolerated, suggesting that these drugs have a beneficial effect on lipid profiles and could reduce cardiovascular risk.

    BMC Medicine 2015, 13:123


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BioMed Central Open Access Day开放获取日成功举行

BioMed Central Open Access Day1021日在上海举行。本次活动旨在为科研人员和期刊编辑建立开放的交流平台,帮助科研人员更加高效、广泛地传播科研成果。点击这里了解详情。

Infectious Diseases of Poverty被汤森路透(Thomson Reuters, ISI)收录

在期刊Infectious Diseases of Poverty (IDP)创刊两周年之际,该刊已被汤森路透(Thomson Reuters,ISI)列为影响因子追踪期刊,并将在明年获得第一个影响因子。自创刊至今,IDP已发表文章84篇,文章访问总量超过240 000次。

Chinese Medicine获得第一个影响因子2.343

在最新发布的2013年度期刊引证报告(Journal Citation Reports)中, Chinese Medicine获得了第一个影响因子2.343,在22本整合与补充医学类期刊中位居第4Chinese Medicine国际中医学会(澳门)的官方期刊,由澳门基金会与澳门大学主办。

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中国医学科学院现已加入BioMed Central机构会员。今后,中国医学科学院及其附属医院、机构的科研人员在BioMed CentralSpringerOpen400多种开放获取期刊上发表文章均享受文章出版费优惠。

热烈庆祝复旦大学成为BioMed Central机构会员

复旦大学近期加入BioMed Central机构会员计划,今后来自复旦大学的作者在BioMed Central、Chemistry Central以及SpringerOpen共近400种开放获取期刊中发表文章,均可享受文章处理费优惠。


开放获取期刊Cell Regeneration本周出版的研究文章显示,由尿液中获得的干细胞可以用于齿状结构的形成。此项技术未来有可能帮助研究者们为牙病患者种植新的、量身定做的牙齿,点击这里了解更多详情



Translational Neurodegeneration主编,上海交通大学医学院,瑞金医院。


Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology主编,中国农业大学


Cell Regeneration主编,中国科学院广州生物医药与健康研究院


Infectious Diseases of Poverty主编,中国疾病预防控制中心寄生虫病预防控制所,个人专访







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