"The speed from acceptance to online access was remarkable, as was the efficiency of the Editorial staff. The other corresponding author, Aleksi Sedo, and I were delighted with the streamlined submission process from beginning to end. Many thanks - I wish all journals operated in this way."

Jonathan S. Duke-Cohan, Ph.D, University of Transkei South Africa
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,USA,Arthritis Research & Therapy

"I was so impressed by the speed with which my paper was reviewed and published. The service provided by BMC Bioinformatics was wonderful!"

Hongbo Zhu, Max-Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany,BMC Bioinformatics

"I am convinced that open access is very important. First of all, the free access allows scientists from less developed countries to access the most recent news in their field. Moreover, I think that open AND online access has its own additional advantages. The time of paper journals is slowly coming to an end, and the online journals will compete using the quality of service that they provide to researchers. I especially appreciate the possibility of opening an article directly via PubMed."

Armen Mulkidjanian,Universität Osnabrück,Germany,BMC Evolutionary Biology

"I think it is now clear that BioMed Central is destined to become one of the dominant online scientific publishers. I feel very strongly that this form of publication represents an important advance in scientific communication. It makes all publications free to anyone that has access to the Internet - opening up access to the third world. In addition, it is superior to print journals because there are no space limits, or limits on number or color figures, along with the ability to include detailed lists of data, etc."

David Levitt,Department of Physiology, University of Minnesota, USA,BMC Clinical Pharmacology

"Keep up the excellent work of not only promoting publishing culture in developing countries but also making global evidence available for free to all."

Joses Kirigia,World Health Organization,Switzerland,BMC Health Services Research

"A fantastic and unprecedented experience of efficiency of peer review."

Saeed Akhtar, PhD,Kuwait University,Kuwait,BMC Gastroenterology

"The traditional forms of publishing in biomedicine leave much to be desired especially delays in manuscript processing, publication bias and restricted access in expensive and often arcane print publications. BioMed Central is a bold venture to solve these problems."

Professor Brian Haynes,McMaster University, Ontario,Canada,BMC Medicine, BMC Public Health

"My experience was excellent, I was particularly impressed by the thorough reviews by 3 renowned experts internationally. The article has so far had > 14,000 accesses, i.e. about 55 hits per day since publication."

Georgios Lyratzopoulos,NHS England,UK,BMC Public Health

"I must congratulate you for the excellent work in presenting papers in BioMed Central. Mine was particularly difficult to handle due to the many mathematical symbols. You do indeed have a very professional team to put things together."

Pedro Cano,The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, USA,BMC Structural Biology

"I'm very satisfied by the press coverage of my article and I really appreciate the great work that is done by BioMed Central to communicate the important results of my science"

Thomas Dyhr,Gentofte University Hospital,Denmark,Critical Care

"I thought the publication process was absolutely seamless and very user friendly. Your turn around time is fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of publishing with you and I have encouraged my colleagues in the School of Nursing to consider your journal for their work as well."

De Sales Turner,Deakin University,Australia,Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

"Online publishing brings you just what you want after tireless research efforts: broad exposure of your findings."

Bart GJ Knols, International Atomic Energy Agency Agriculture and Biotechnology Laboratory, Seibersdorf, Austria,Malaria Journal

"My experience of the electronic submission process for our papers was delightful. The review process was unbelievably fast and the comments were useful in strengthening the contents of our papers. It took only 2 - 4 weeks to publish our papers, which is a record in itself."

Satya Narayan,University of Florida,USA,Molecular Cancer

"The reviews are very well conducted with comments and excellent suggestions which really helped us to improve our data presentation and discussion."

Dechun Li, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, USA,Respiratory Research

"Online publishing is here for today and is most definitely the way of the future. I will definitely submit again to BioMed Central journals and am already encouraging my colleagues to experiment for themselves with BioMed Central."

Peter Southern, University of Minnesota, USA,Virology Journal
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