Linking to BioMed Central

Publish with BioMed Central buttons

Place a banner button on your institution's and/or department's website with a link to how to publish with BioMed Central:

Start a new journal with BioMed Central button

Place a button on your institution's and/or department's website with a link to how to start your own journal with BioMed Central:

BioMed Central Logo

Use the BioMed Central logo on promotional material that you are sending out to colleagues and patrons.

BioMed Central search box

To put a BioMed Central search box like the one below onto your site, just take the HTML fragment below and paste it into your own web page.

HTML code

<div style="width:265px; height:98px; background:#fff url('') no-repeat 0 0; font:16px sans-serif;"><form action="" method=post style="width:235px; height:68px; display: block; float:left; padding:15px 20px"> <div style="margin-left:10px;"><label>Search</label><select size="1" name="db" style="font-size:15px; width:145px; padding:4px; margin-left:8px;"><option selected value="bmc">BioMed Central</option><option value="pmc">PubMed Central</option><option value="pm">PubMed</option></select></div><div style="width:235px; margin-top:12px; padding:0;"><input type=text name="terms" size="25" align="absmiddle" style="font-size:14px;"> <input type=submit align="absmiddle" border=0 cache name=go value=Go style="cursor: pointer; background:#115158 url('') no-repeat; border:0; width:37px; height:23px; font:bold 14px sans-serif; color:#fff;"></div></form></div>
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