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  1. Comfort of patients with medical students is important and promotes appropriate clinical reasoning and skills development in the students. There is however limited data in this field in Uganda. In this study, ...

    Authors: Amos Deogratius Mwaka, Seti Taremwa, Winnie Adoch, Jennifer Achan, Peruth Ainembabazi, Grace Walego, Moses Levi Ntayi, Felix Bongomin and Charles Benstons Ibingira
    Citation: BMC Medical Education 2022 22:519
  2. An irrational antibiotic use is a common problem in developing countries like Ethiopia, which makes empiric antibiotics use difficult. It is considered to be the greatest health problem in our time and future ...

    Authors: Mesay Dechasa, Legese Chelkeba, Amente Jorise, Birbirsa Sefera and Tsegaye Melaku
    Citation: Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice 2022 15:84
  3. Choosing a medical specialty requires medical students to match their interests and social-cultural situations with their perceptions of the various specialties.

    Authors: Charles Weissman, Howard Tandeter, Rachel Yaffa Zisk-Rony, Yoram G Weiss, Uriel Elchalal, Alex Avidan and Josh E Schroeder
    Citation: Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2013 2:19
  4. Every year an estimated three million neonates die globally and two hundred thousand of these deaths occur in Pakistan. Majority of these neonates die in rural areas of underdeveloped countries from preventabl...

    Authors: Ali Turab, Shabina Ariff, Muhammad A Habib, Imran Ahmed, Masawar Hussain, Akhtar Rashid, Zahid Memon, Mohammad I Khan, Sajid Soofi and Zulfiqar A Bhutta
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2013 13:136
  5. Healthcare costs have substantially increased in recent years, threatening the population health. Obstetric care is a significant contributor to this scenario since it represents 20% of healthcare. The rate of...

    Authors: Romulo Negrini, Raquel Domingues da Silva Ferreira and Daniela Zaros Guimarães
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2021 21:333
  6. Clinical pharmacy service has evolved steadily over the past few decades and is contributing to the ‘patient care journey’ at all stages. The service improves safety and effectiveness of medicines, thereby avo...

    Authors: Arebu Issa Bilal, Zelalem Tilahun, Gebremedhin Beedemariam, Belete Ayalneh, Bisrat Hailemeskel and Ephrem Engidawork
    Citation: Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice 2016 9:7
  7. In a woman’s life, labor pain is the most severe pain that they have ever faced. In Ethiopia, the provision of pain relief in labor is often neglected. Furthermore, evidence strongly urged that further researc...

    Authors: Addis Eyeberu, Adera Debela, Tamirat Getachew, Merga Dheresa, Addisu Alemu and Yadeta Dessie
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2022 22:389
  8. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a minimum of eight ANC contacts during pregnancy, of which having one ultrasound examination before 24 weeks of gestation is indicated. Ultrasound plays a significan...

    Authors: Meselech Assegid Roro, Abebech Demissie Aredo, Tesfaye Kebede and Abiy Seifu Estifanos
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2022 22:278
  9. Adequate antenatal care is important to both the health of a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Given South Africa’s high rate of cellphone penetration, mobile health interventions have been touted as a poten...

    Authors: Yan Kwan Lau, Tali Cassidy, Damian Hacking, Kirsty Brittain, Hanne Jensen Haricharan and Marion Heap
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2014 14:284
  10. Opportunities for medical students to place intrauterine contraception (IUC) in patients are rare. Our objective was to determine whether participation in an IUC insertion and removal simulation exercise would...

    Authors: Deborah Bartz, Amy Paris, Rie Maurer, Roxane Gardner and Natasha Johnson
    Citation: Contraception and Reproductive Medicine 2016 1:3

    The Publisher's Erratum to this article has been published in Contraception and Reproductive Medicine 2016 1:6

  11. To describe the clinical profile of minimal invasive procedures performed in gynecology at the national referral hospital in Bhutan. A review of such procedures performed in gynecology was needed to assess the...

    Authors: Sangay Tshering, Thinley Dorji, Namkha Dorji, Renuka Monger, Kesang Choden and Kezang Lhamo
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2022 15:59
  12. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has gained popularity among the general population, but its acceptance and use among medical specialists have been inconclusive. This systematic review aimed to ide...

    Authors: Phanupong Phutrakool and Krit Pongpirul
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2022 11:10
  13. Human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes differ by geographic location. With the advent of HPV vaccination and HPV-based cervical screening tests in Ethiopia, a nationwide dataset on the genotype distribution of H...

    Authors: Awoke Derbie, Melanie Maier, Bereket Amare, Eyaya Misgan, Endalkachew Nibret, Uwe G. Liebert, Yimtubezinash Woldeamanuel and Tamrat Abebe
    Citation: Infectious Agents and Cancer 2023 18:4
  14. Cleansing of the vulva and perineum is recommended during preparation for vaginal delivery, and special attention is paid to cleansing before episiotomy because episiotomy is known to increase the risk of peri...

    Authors: Young Mi Jung, Seung Mi Lee, So Yeon Kim, Jin Hoon Chung, Hye-Sung Won, Kyung A Lee, Mi Hye Park, Geum Joon Cho, Min-Jeong Oh, Eun Saem Choi, Ki Hoon Ahn, Soon-Cheol Hong, Ji-Hee Sung, Cheong-Rae Roh, Sun Min Kim, Byoung Jae Kim…
    Citation: Trials 2023 24:130
  15. Authors: Fabienne Richard, Wisal Ahmed, Nikki Denholm, Angela Dawson, Nesrin Varol, Birgitta Essén, Sara Johnsdotter, Paul Bukuluki, Wisal Ahmed, Al Gasseer H. Naeema, Dalya eltayeb, Bettina Shell-Duncan, Caroline Njue, Jacinta Muteshi, Clotilde Lamy, Pascale Neyrinck…
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2017 14(Suppl 2):115

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 14 Supplement 2

  16. Preconception care (PCC) is care prior to conception to optimize parental health, and health of the future child, through biomedical and behavioral changes. Providing PCC to all women with a wish to conceive w...

    Authors: L. A. C. Admiraal, A. N. Rosman, R. J. E. M. Dolhain, R. L. West and A. G. M. G. J. Mulders
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2022 22:238
  17. This study aimed to compare the survival outcomes between squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and adenocarcinoma/adenosquamous carcinoma (AC/ASC) of the cervix after radical radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

    Authors: Ping Liu, Mei Ji, Yanxiang Kong, Zhifeng Huo, Qiubo Lv, Qinghuang Xie, Danbo Wang, Biliang Chen, Hailin Wang, Zhumei Cui, Qianqing Wang, Xiaonong Bin, Jinghe Lang and Chunlin Chen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2022 22:326
  18. The neonatal Apgar score at 5 min has been found to be a better predictor of outcomes than the Apgar score at 1 min. A baby, however, must pass through the first minute of life to reach the fifth. There has be...

    Authors: Ravichandran Jeganathan, Shamala D. Karalasingam, Julia Hussein, Pascale Allotey and Daniel D. Reidpath
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:110
  19. Authors:
    Citation: Andrologie 2006 16:BF03034856
  20. Specialty-specific data on career satisfaction may be useful for understanding physician workforce trends and for counseling medical students about career options.

    Authors: J Paul Leigh, Daniel J Tancredi and Richard L Kravitz
    Citation: BMC Health Services Research 2009 9:166

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