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  1. Experiments were designed to identify the developmental expression and function of the Dickkopf-Like1 (DKKL1/Dkkl1) gene in humans and mice.

    Authors: Qiuxia Yan, Xiaoping Wu, Cairong Chen, Ruiying Diao, Yongqing Lai, Jun Huang, Jing Chen, Zhou Yu, Yaoting Gui, Aifa Tang and Zhiming Cai
    Citation: Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2012 10:51
  2. Mental disorders among adolescents have become a worldwide public health problem. This study aimed to estimate the best combination of exercise time and screen time to promote the mental health of Chinese adol...

    Authors: Feng Zhang, Xiaojian Yin, Cunjian Bi, Liu Ji, Huipan Wu, Yuqiang Li, Yi Sun, Sien Ren, Guodong Wang, Xiaofang Yang, Ming Li, Yuan Liu and Ge Song
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2020 20:1695
  3. Previous studies have found inflammation, growth factors, and androgen signaling pathways all contribute to sarcopenia. However, few studies simultaneously have investigated the association between these poten...

    Authors: Yongxia Meng, Hongmei Wu, Yi Yang, Huanmin Du, Yang Xia, Xiaoyan Guo, Xing Liu, Chunlei Li and Kaijun Niu
    Citation: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2015 16:202
  4. Aerobic glycolysis has been recognized as one of the growth-promoting metabolic alterations of cancer cells. Emerging evidence indicates that nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) plays significant roles in metabolic adap...

    Authors: Lingjun Chen, Xianyi Lin, Yiming Lei, Xuan Xu, Qi Zhou, Yan Chen, Huiling Liu, Jie Jiang, Yidong Yang, Fengping Zheng and Bin Wu
    Citation: Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 2022 41:329
  5. This study aims to assess clinical characteristics in FD with spleen deficiency syndrome and metabolic perturbations involved in FD progress. We combined metabolic biomarkers and clinical features into a bette...

    Authors: Jiaqi Zhang, Xue Wang, Xiaoshuang Shi, Jingyi Xie, Min Zhang, Jinxin Ma, Fengyun Wang and Xudong Tang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2019 14:16
  6. Street rabies virus (RABV) usually infects hosts at peripheral sites and migrates from motor or sensory nerves to the central nervous system. Several studies have found that inflammation is mild in a mouse mod...

    Authors: Shu Qing Liu, Yuan Xie, Xin Gao, Qian Wang and Wu Yang Zhu
    Citation: Virology Journal 2020 17:157
  7. The recommendation of non-indicated caesarean section (CS) after 39 gestational weeks has been announced based on evidence of maternal and infant physiological effects. The potential psychological risks have n...

    Authors: Kun Huang, Shuangqin Yan, Xiaoyan Wu, Peng Zhu and Fangbiao Tao
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2019 19:22
  8. Diterpenoids are a large class of natural products with complex structures and broad commercial applications as food additives, important medicines, and fragrances. However, their low abundance in plants and h...

    Authors: Chuanbo Zhang, Haiyan Ju, Chun-Zhe Lu, Fanglong Zhao, Jingjing Liu, Xiaoyan Guo, Yufen Wu, Guang-Rong Zhao and Wenyu Lu
    Citation: Microbial Cell Factories 2019 18:73
  9. Recently, the potential role of gut microbiome in metabolic diseases has been revealed, especially in cardiovascular diseases. Hypertension is one of the most prevalent cardiovascular diseases worldwide, yet w...

    Authors: Jing Li, Fangqing Zhao, Yidan Wang, Junru Chen, Jie Tao, Gang Tian, Shouling Wu, Wenbin Liu, Qinghua Cui, Bin Geng, Weili Zhang, Ryan Weldon, Kelda Auguste, Lei Yang, Xiaoyan Liu, Li Chen…
    Citation: Microbiome 2017 5:14
  10. The number of teats in pigs is related to a sow’s ability to rear piglets to weaning age. Several studies have identified genes and genomic regions that affect teat number in swine but few common results were ...

    Authors: Cheng Tan, Zhenfang Wu, Jiangli Ren, Zhuolin Huang, Dewu Liu, Xiaoyan He, Dzianis Prakapenka, Ran Zhang, Ning Li, Yang Da and Xiaoxiang Hu
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2017 49:35
  11. Though androgen deprivation therapy is the standard treatment for prostate cancer (PCa), most patients would inevitably progress to castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) which is the main cause of PCa de...

    Authors: Zhixin Ling, Xiaoyan Wang, Tao Tao, Lei Zhang, Han Guan, Zonghao You, Kai Lu, Guangyuan Zhang, Shuqiu Chen, Jianping Wu, Jinke Qian, Hui Liu, Bin Xu and Ming Chen
    Citation: Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 2017 36:159
  12. Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a chronic inflammation disorder mainly within the submucosal and muscular layers of the bladder. As the cause of IC remains unknown, no effective treatments are currently availabl...

    Authors: Jia Li, Hui Luo, Xingyou Dong, Qian Liu, Chao Wu, Teng Zhang, Xiaoyan Hu, Yuanyuan Zhang, Bo Song and Longkun Li
    Citation: Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2017 8:107
  13. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) patients with early repolarization (ER) pattern are at higher risk of ventricular arrhythmia, yet the genetic background of this situation has not been well investigated. Here...

    Authors: Yanhong Chen, Hector Barajas-Martinez, Dongxiao Zhu, Xihui Wang, Chonghao Chen, Ruijuan Zhuang, Jingjing Shi, Xueming Wu, Yijia Tao, Weidong Jin, Xiaoyan Wang and Dan Hu
    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2017 15:78

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Journal of Translational Medicine 2017 15:101

  14. While asthma comorbidities are associated with higher health care utilisation, lower quality of life and poorer asthma control, the impact of asthma comorbidities on hospitalisation for asthma exacerbation (H-...

    Authors: Wenqiao Wang, Jiangtao Lin, Xin Zhou, Changzheng Wang, Mao Huang, Shaoxi Cai, Ping Chen, Qichang Lin, Jianying Zhou, Yuhai Gu, Yadong Yuan, Dejun Sun, Xiaohong Yang, Lan Yang, Jianmin Huo, Zhuochang Chen…
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:261
  15. To reveal roles of reactive oxygen species (ROS) status in chemotherapy resistance and to develop a ROS scoring system for prognosis prediction in ovarian cancer.

    Authors: Chaoyang Sun, Ensong Guo, Bo Zhou, Wanying Shan, Jia Huang, Danhui Weng, Peng Wu, Changyu Wang, Shixuan Wang, Wei Zhang, Qinglei Gao, Xiaoyan Xu, Beibei Wang, Junbo Hu, Ding Ma and Gang Chen
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2019 19:1061

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Cancer 2020 20:210

  16. Adenosine-to-inosine (A-to-I) RNA editing is a process that contributes to the diversification of proteins that has been shown to be essential for neurotransmission and other neuronal functions. However, the s...

    Authors: Elin Lundin, Chenglin Wu, Albin Widmark, Mikaela Behm, Jens Hjerling-Leffler, Chammiran Daniel, Marie Öhman and Mats Nilsson
    Citation: BMC Biology 2020 18:6
  17. A recently discovered tea [Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze] cultivar can generate tender shoots in winter. We performed comparative proteomics to analyze the differentially accumulated proteins between winter an...

    Authors: Shengjie Liu, Jiadong Gao, Zhongjian Chen, Xiaoyan Qiao, Hualin Huang, Baiyuan Cui, Qingfeng Zhu, Zhangyan Dai, Hualing Wu, Yayan Pan, Chengwei Yang and Jun Liu
    Citation: BMC Plant Biology 2017 17:206
  18. Tumor metastasis often occurs in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and influences the patient’s prognosis, and microRNAs are reported to play key roles in tumor metastasis. This study was conducted to explore the...

    Authors: Shuzhen Chang, Binhe Chen, Xiaoyan Wang, Keqin Wu and Yuqiu Sun
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2017 17:248
  19. Drought is one of major abiotic stresses constraining crop productivity worldwide. To adapt to drought stress, plants have evolved sophisticated defence mechanisms. Wild barley germplasm is a treasure trove of...

    Authors: Nanbo Wang, Jing Zhao, Xiaoyan He, Hongyan Sun, Guoping Zhang and Feibo Wu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2015 16:432
  20. Unintentional injuries are a major contributor to morbidity and mortality in adolescents. Mobile phone use in certain circumstances (e.g., driving, cycling, walking) and mental health conditions are risk facto...

    Authors: Shuman Tao, Xiaoyan Wu, Yuhui Wan, Shichen Zhang, Jiahu Hao and Fangbiao Tao
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2016 16:88