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  1. For species survival, the germline must faithfully transmit genetic information to the progeny. Transposable elements (TEs) constitute a significant threat to genome stability due to their mobility. In the met...

    Authors: Céline Duc, Marianne Yoth, Silke Jensen, Nolwenn Mouniée, Casey M. Bergman, Chantal Vaury and Emilie Brasset
    Citation: Genome Biology 2019 20:127
  2. The piRNA pathway operates in animal germ lines to ensure genome integrity through retrotransposon silencing. The Piwi protein-associated small RNAs (piRNAs) guide Piwi proteins to retrotransposon transcripts,...

    Authors: Philipp Berninger, Lukasz Jaskiewicz, Mohsen Khorshid and Mihaela Zavolan
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2011 12:46
  3. Paired with satellite location telemetry, animal-borne instruments can collect spatiotemporal data describing the animal’s movement and environment at a scale relevant to its behavior.

    Authors: Laurie L Baker, Joanna E Mills Flemming, Ian D Jonsen, Damian C Lidgard, Sara J Iverson and W Don Bowen
    Citation: Movement Ecology 2015 3:20
  4. Information regarding the movement ecology of horse-eye jack Caranx latus throughout the Caribbean is limited despite their prevalence. Passive acoustic telemetry was used to infer movement patterns of seven adul...

    Authors: Ashleigh J. Novak, Sarah L. Becker, John T. Finn, Andy J. Danylchuk, Clayton G. Pollock, Zandy Hillis-Starr and Adrian Jordaan
    Citation: Animal Biotelemetry 2020 8:12
  5. Authors: Benno Brinkhaus, Torkel Falkenberg, Aviad Haramati, Stefan N. Willich, Josephine P. Briggs, Merlin Willcox, Klaus Linde, Töres Theorell, Lisa M. Wong, Jeffrey Dusek, Darong Wu, David Eisenberg, Aviad Haramati, Bettina Berger, Kathi Kemper, Beate Stock-Schröer…
    Citation: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2017 17(Suppl 1):322

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 17 Supplement 1

  6. Polyandrous social insects such as the honey bee are prime candidates for parental manipulation of gene expression in offspring. Although there is good evidence for parent-of-origin effects in honey bees the e...

    Authors: Owen T. Watson, Gabriele Buchmann, Paul Young, Kitty Lo, Emily J. Remnant, Boris Yagound, Mitch Shambrook, Andrew F. Hill, Benjamin P. Oldroyd and Alyson Ashe
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2022 23:257
  7. The PIWI/piRNA pathway is a conserved machinery important for germ cell development and fertility. This piRNA-guided molecular machinery is best known for repressing derepressed transposable elements (TE) duri...

    Authors: Kai-Wei Chang, Yen-Tzu Tseng, Yi-Chen Chen, Chih-Yun Yu, Hung-Fu Liao, Yi-Chun Chen, Yu-Fan Evan Tu, Shinn-Chih Wu, I-Hsuan Liu, Marina Pinskaya, Antonin Morillon, Bertrand Pain and Shau-Ping Lin
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2018 19:425

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Genomics 2018 19:480

  8. Behaviour of potential host fish during chemical treatment against the ectoparasite Gyrodactylus salaris is a vital factor in designing treatment strategies, evaluating risk factors and establishing insights into...

    Authors: Knut Tore Alfredsen, Henning Andre Urke, Torstein Kristensen, Marte Kvakland, Aage Gronningsater, Anders Gjørwad Hagen and Jo Arve Alfredsen
    Citation: Animal Biotelemetry 2021 9:7
  9. The reproductive hormone oxytocin facilitates labour, birth and postpartum adaptations for women and newborns. Synthetic oxytocin is commonly given to induce or augment labour and to decrease postpartum bleeding.

    Authors: Sarah Buckley, Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg, Zada Pajalic, Karolina Luegmair, Anette Ekström-Bergström, Anna Dencker, Claudia Massarotti, Alicja Kotlowska, Leonie Callaway, Sandra Morano, Ibone Olza and Claudia Meier Magistretti
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:137
  10. A1 Pirfenidone inhibits TGF-b1-induced extracellular matrix production in nasal polyp-derived fibroblasts

    Authors: Heung-Man Lee, Il-Ho Park, Jae-Min Shin, Hyun-Sun Yoon, Gyeong Yul Park, Margit Zeher, Katsuhiko Matsui, Saki Tamai, Reiko Ikeda, Drsushil Suri, Dranu Suri, Marzieh Heidarzadeh Arani, Azwin Lubis, Anang Endaryanto, Shinichiro Koga, Lee Ju Suk…
    Citation: World Allergy Organization Journal 2016 9(Suppl 1):14

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 9 Supplement 1

  11. When employing acoustic telemetry to study aquatic species, understanding the functional dynamics of the monitoring system is essential for effective study design, data interpretation, and analysis. Typically,...

    Authors: Steven Thomas Kessel, Nigel Edward Hussey, Dale Mitchell Webber, Samuel Harvey Gruber, Joy Michelle Young, Malcolm John Smale and Aaron Thomas Fisk
    Citation: Animal Biotelemetry 2015 3:5
  12. An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via the original article.

    Authors: Chun Feng, Ping-Ping Lv, Chang-Chang Huang, Song-Qing Yang, Qiu-Ping Yao, Jin-Ming Shen and Min Jin
    Citation: BMC Urology 2021 21:19

    The original article was published in BMC Urology 2020 20:188

  13. The original article [1] contained minor typesetting errors affecting the following authors: Ziang Jeff Gao, Xiao Zhen Zhou, and Kun Ping Lu.

    Authors: Xiaolan Lian, Yu-Min Lin, Shingo Kozono, Megan K. Herbert, Xin Li, Xiaohong Yuan, Jiangrui Guo, Yafei Guo, Min Tang, Jia Lin, Yiping Huang, Bixin Wang, Chenxi Qiu, Cheng-Yu Tsai, Jane Xie, Ziang Jeff Gao…
    Citation: Journal of Hematology & Oncology 2018 11:94

    The original article was published in Journal of Hematology & Oncology 2018 11:73

  14. African swine fever virus (ASFV) is a most devastating pathogen affecting swine. In 2007, ASFV was introduced into Eastern Europe where it continuously circulates and recently reached Western Europe and Asia, ...

    Authors: Jan H. Forth, Leonie F. Forth, Samantha Lycett, Lesley Bell-Sakyi, Günther M. Keil, Sandra Blome, Sébastien Calvignac-Spencer, Antje Wissgott, Johannes Krause, Dirk Höper, Helge Kampen and Martin Beer
    Citation: BMC Biology 2020 18:136