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  1. This study aims to determine the protection provided by Shenfu injection (a traditional Chinese medicine) against development of organ dysfunction in critically ill patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVI...

    Authors: Zong-Yu Wang, Shou-Zhi Fu, Liang Xu, Shu-Sheng Li, Ke-Jian Qian, Xian-Di He, Guo-Chao Zhu, Liang-Hai Li, Jun Zhang, Wen-Fang Li, Bing-Yu Qin, Chen-Liang Zhou and Peng-Lin Ma
    Citation: Trials 2020 21:738
  2. In China, the medical use of fecal matter (fresh fecal suspension or dry feces) can be dated back to the fourth century, approximately 1700 years ago. In long-term clinical practice, Chinese doctors have accum...

    Authors: Huan Du, Ting-ting Kuang, Shuang Qiu, Tong Xu, Chen-Lei Gang Huan, Gang Fan and Yi Zhang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2019 14:31
  3. The Naxi people, living in Southwest China, have a long history and rich characteristic culture. Their ancestors recorded their life practices by ancient hieroglyphs and gradually formed the Dongba Sutras, whi...

    Authors: Haitao Li, Zhiyong Li, Xiaobo Zhang, Shaohua Yang, Cui Chen, Qingning Yang, Chengfeng He, Jianqin Liu and Jingyuan Song
    Citation: Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2021 17:32
  4. Knowledge of wild edible plants is an important part of traditional knowledge. It is closely related to traditional human agriculture, as well as biodiversity. This study aimed to conduct a detailed investigat...

    Authors: Sachula, Geilebagan, Yan-ying Zhang, Hui Zhao and Khasbagan
    Citation: Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2020 16:60
  5. Postoperative delirium is a common psychiatric disorder among patients who undergo spinal surgery. The purpose of current meta-analysis was to assess the potential risk factors related to delirium in spinal su...

    Authors: Hao Jie Zhang, Xue Hai Ma, Jin Biao Ye, Cong Zhi Liu and Zhi Yang Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2020 15:509
  6. Mental burden due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has been widely reported for the general public and specific risk groups like healthcare workers and different patient populations. We aimed to assess its impact on...

    Authors: Angela M. Kunzler, Nikolaus Röthke, Lukas Günthner, Jutta Stoffers-Winterling, Oliver Tüscher, Michaela Coenen, Eva Rehfuess, Guido Schwarzer, Harald Binder, Christine Schmucker, Joerg J. Meerpohl and Klaus Lieb
    Citation: Globalization and Health 2021 17:34
  7. The combination of a Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) bath and narrowband ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) improved the efficacy of NB-UVB treatment of psoriasis vulgaris, but bath therapy is inconvenient. Oral CHM plus NB...

    Authors: Lihong Yang, Claire Shuiqing Zhang, Brian May, Jingjie Yu, Xinfeng Guo, Anthony Lin Zhang, Charlie Changli Xue and Chuanjian Lu
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2015 10:27
  8. The Editors of Human Genomics would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in volume 9 (2015).

    Authors: Vasilis Vasiliou
    Citation: Human Genomics 2016 10:7
  9. Heterosis refers to superior traits exhibiting in a hybrid when compared with both parents. Generally, the hybridization between parents can change the expression pattern of some proteins such as non-additive ...

    Authors: Daoping Wang, Yongying Mu, Xiaojiao Hu, Bo Ma, Zhibo Wang, Li Zhu, Jiang Xu, Changling Huang and Yinghong Pan
    Citation: BMC Plant Biology 2021 21:34
  10. Some studies have pointed out that a wide resection margin can improve the prognosis of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, but some researchers disagree and believe that a wide margin may increase complications....

    Authors: Yu-Shi Dai, Hai-Jie Hu, Tian-run Lv, Ya-Fei Hu, Rui-Qi Zou and Fu-Yu Li
    Citation: World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2023 21:16
  11. Verticillium wilt is the second serious vascular wilt caused by the phytopathogenic fungus Verticillium dahliae Kleb. It has distributed worldwide, causing serious yield losses and fiber quality reduction in cott...

    Authors: Koffi Kibalou PALANGA, Ruixian LIU, Qun GE, Juwu GONG, Junwen LI, Quanwei LU, Pengtao LI, Youlu YUAN and Wankui GONG
    Citation: Journal of Cotton Research 2021 4:25
  12. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is an intermediate phase between normal cognitive ageing and overt dementia, with amnesic MCI (aMCI) being the dominant subtype. This study aims to synthesise the prevalence res...

    Authors: Yuan Lu, Chaojie Liu, Dehua Yu, Sally Fawkes, Jia Ma, Min Zhang and Chunbo Li
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2021 21:10
  13. This article examines the experiences of (re)producing home food in the daily life and food practices of Belgian Taiwanese immigrant women. The research is based on ethnography—both online and offline—and qual...

    Authors: Hsien-Ming Lin, Ching Lin Pang and Da-Chi Liao
    Citation: Journal of Ethnic Foods 2020 7:29
  14. Following publication of the original article [1], due to mistakes, the flow chart of miR-21 overexpression, miR-21 inhibitor and miR-21 mimic NC in Fig. 3, and the corresponding histogram need to be replaced.

    Authors: Hai Zhu, Xin Yan, Meng Zhang, Feng Ji and Shouguo Wang
    Citation: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2020 15:101

    The original article was published in Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2019 14:118

  15. Patients with relapsed/refractory early T-cell precursor lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma (ETP-ALL/LBL) respond poorly to traditional therapy and have dismal prognosis. CD7 is a promising therapeutic targets fo...

    Authors: Hai-ping Dai, Wei Cui, Qing-ya Cui, Wen-juan Zhu, Hui-min Meng, Min-qing Zhu, Xia-ming Zhu, Lin Yang, De-pei Wu and Xiao-wen Tang
    Citation: Biomarker Research 2022 10:6
  16. Depressed pregnant women face difficulty navigating a course between the potentially serious consequences of leaving depression untreated and significant limitations associated with conventional therapies, suc...

    Authors: Simone M. Ormsby, Caroline A. Smith, Hannah G. Dahlen, Phillipa J. Hay and Joanne M. Lind
    Citation: Trials 2016 17:93
  17. Glucosylceramides are a class of membrane lipids that serve as vital structural and signaling molecules in eukaryotes. In this study, we explored the function of FocGCS, a glucosylceramide synthase (GCS) in Fusar...

    Authors: Jian Wang, Kun Zhang, Li-Qun Huang, He-Nan Bao, Na Hai, Yu-Bing Yang, Si-Wen Liu, Chun-Yu Li and Nan Yao
    Citation: Phytopathology Research 2022 4:31
  18. Exposure to particulate matter air pollution is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular mortality in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but the underlying mechanisms are no...

    Authors: Teng Wang, Xi Chen, Haonan Li, Wu Chen, Yifan Xu, Yuan Yao, Hanxiyue Zhang, Yiqun Han, Lina Zhang, Chengli Que, Jicheng Gong, Xinghua Qiu and Tong Zhu
    Citation: Particle and Fibre Toxicology 2022 19:65
  19. Surgical management of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) can be performed using standard posterior spinal fusion (PSF) or with a posterior minimally invasive approach. Minimally invasive scoliosis surgery ...

    Authors: Honghao Yang, Xiangyuan Jia and Yong Hai
    Citation: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2022 17:58