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  1. Frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) is pathologically subdivided based on the presence of particular pathological proteins that are identified in inclusion bodies observed post-mortem. The FTLD-FUS subgro...

    Authors: Lauren M. Gittings, Sandrine C. Foti, Bridget C. Benson, Priya Gami-Patel, Adrian M. Isaacs and Tammaryn Lashley
    Citation: Acta Neuropathologica Communications 2019 7:18
  2. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a complex disorder most of which is ‘sporadic’ of unknown origin but approximately 10% is familial, arising from single mutations in any of more than 30 genes. Thus, there are ...

    Authors: Elizabeth M.C. Fisher, Linda Greensmith, Andrea Malaspina, Pietro Fratta, Michael G. Hanna, Giampietro Schiavo, Adrian M. Isaacs, Richard W. Orrell, Thomas J. Cunningham and Abraham Acevedo Arozena
    Citation: Molecular Neurodegeneration 2023 18:30
  3. This work is aimed at improving the understanding of cardiometabolic syndrome pathophysiology and its relationship with thrombosis by generating a multi-omic disease signature.

    Authors: Denis Seyres, Alessandra Cabassi, John J. Lambourne, Frances Burden, Samantha Farrow, Harriet McKinney, Joana Batista, Carly Kempster, Maik Pietzner, Oliver Slingsby, Thong Huy Cao, Paulene A. Quinn, Luca Stefanucci, Matthew C. Sims, Karola Rehnstrom, Claire L. Adams…
    Citation: Clinical Epigenetics 2022 14:39
  4. Shotgun metagenome data sets of microbial communities are highly diverse, not only due to the natural variation of the underlying biological systems, but also due to differences in laboratory protocols, replic...

    Authors: Adrian Fritz, Peter Hofmann, Stephan Majda, Eik Dahms, Johannes Dröge, Jessika Fiedler, Till R. Lesker, Peter Belmann, Matthew Z. DeMaere, Aaron E. Darling, Alexander Sczyrba, Andreas Bremges and Alice C. McHardy
    Citation: Microbiome 2019 7:17
  5. Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is amongst the most prevalent early onset dementias and even though it is clinically, pathologically and genetically heterogeneous, a crucial involvement of metabolic perturbation...

    Authors: Blanca I. Aldana, Yu Zhang, Pia Jensen, Abinaya Chandrasekaran, Sofie K. Christensen, Troels T. Nielsen, Jørgen E. Nielsen, Poul Hyttel, Martin R. Larsen, Helle S. Waagepetersen and Kristine K. Freude
    Citation: Molecular Brain 2020 13:125
  6. Despite its conserved role on gene expression and transposable element (TE) silencing, genome-wide CG methylation differs substantially between wild Arabidopsis thaliana accessions.

    Authors: Thanvi Srikant, Wei Yuan, Kenneth Wayne Berendzen, Adrián Contreras-Garrido, Hajk-Georg Drost, Rebecca Schwab and Detlef Weigel
    Citation: Genome Biology 2022 23:263
  7. Health insurers worldwide implement financial incentive schemes to encourage health-related behaviours, including to facilitate weight loss. The maintenance of weight loss is a public health challenge, and as ...

    Authors: Bronwyn McGill, Blythe J. O’Hara, Anne C. Grunseit, Adrian Bauman, Dale Osborne, Luke Lawler and Philayrath Phongsavan
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2018 18:244
  8. Many women try to stop smoking in pregnancy but fail. One difficulty is that there is insufficient evidence that medications for smoking cessation are effective and safe in pregnancy and thus many women prefer...

    Authors: Michael Ussher, Paul Aveyard, Isaac Manyonda, Sarah Lewis, Robert West, Beth Lewis, Bess Marcus, Adrian H Taylor, Pelham Barton and Tim Coleman
    Citation: Trials 2012 13:186
  9. Antenatal depression is associated with harmful consequences for both the mother and child. One intervention that might be effective is participation in regular physical activity although data on this question...

    Authors: Amanda Daley, Muhammad Riaz, Sarah Lewis, Paul Aveyard, Tim Coleman, Isaac Manyonda, Robert West, Beth Lewis, Bess Marcus, Adrian Taylor, Judith Ibison, Andrew Kent and Michael Ussher
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2018 18:156
  10. An intronic GGGGCC expansion in C9orf72 is the most common known cause of both frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The repeat expansion leads to the generation of sen...

    Authors: Sarah Mizielinska, Charlotte E. Ridler, Rubika Balendra, Annora Thoeng, Nathan S. Woodling, Friedrich A. Grässer, Vincent Plagnol, Tammaryn Lashley, Linda Partridge and Adrian M. Isaacs
    Citation: Acta Neuropathologica Communications 2017 5:29
  11. Reliable exon recognition is key to the splicing of pre-mRNAs into mature mRNAs. TDP-43 is an RNA-binding protein whose nuclear loss and cytoplasmic aggregation are a hallmark pathology in amyotrophic lateral ...

    Authors: Jack Humphrey, Warren Emmett, Pietro Fratta, Adrian M. Isaacs and Vincent Plagnol
    Citation: BMC Medical Genomics 2017 10:38
  12. Hexanucleotide repeat expansions of variable size in C9orf72 are the most prevalent genetic cause of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia. Sense and antisense transcripts of the expansions ar...

    Authors: Javier Morón-Oset, Tessa Supèr, Jacqueline Esser, Adrian M. Isaacs, Sebastian Grönke and Linda Partridge
    Citation: Acta Neuropathologica Communications 2019 7:209
  13. First-degree relatives (FDRs) of people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have a fourfold increased risk of developing RA. The Symptoms in Persons At Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis (SPARRA) questionnaire was develo...

    Authors: R. E. Costello, J. H. Humphreys, J. C. Sergeant, M. Haris, F. Stirling, K. Raza, D. van Schaardenburg and Ian N. Bruce
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:210

    The Correction to this article has been published in Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:263

  14. Online health information is unregulated and can be of highly variable quality. There is currently no singular quantitative tool that has undergone a validation process, can be used for a broad range of health...

    Authors: Julie M. Robillard, Jessica H. Jun, Jen-Ai Lai and Tanya L. Feng
    Citation: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2018 18:87
  15. The aim of this study was to investigate HLA class II associations in polymyositis (PM) and dermatomyositis (DM), and to determine how these associations influence clinical and serological differences. DNA sam...

    Authors: Hector Chinoy, Fiona Salway, Noreen Fertig, Neil Shephard, Brian D Tait, Wendy Thomson, David A Isenberg, Chester V Oddis, Alan J Silman, William ER Ollier and Robert G Cooper
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2005 8:R13