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  1. The Omicron variant has become the most prevalent SARS-CoV-2 variant. Omicron is known to induce milder lesions compared to the original Wuhan strain. Fatal infection of the Wuhan strain into the brain has bee...

    Authors: Na Yun Lee, Youn Woo Lee, Seung-Min Hong, Dain On, Gyeong Min Yoon, See-He An, Ki Taek Nam, Jun-Young Seo, Jeon-Soo Shin, Yang-Kyu Choi, Seung Hyun Oh, Jun-Won Yun, Ho Young Lee, Kang-Seuk Choi, Je Kyung Seong and Jun Won Park
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2023 39:8
  2. As significant advances in the field of treatment for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), there is a great need to identify the healthcare outcomes such as treatment satisfaction and health-related quality of life (HRQ...

    Authors: Seong-Kyu Kim, Sang-Heon Lee, Jiyu Sun, Soo Hyun Lee, Ja-Young Jeon, Hyun-Jeong Yoo and Jung-Yoon Choe
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2023 25:68
  3. Blood transfusion is an essential part of medicine. However, many countries have been facing a national blood crisis. To address this ongoing blood shortage issue, there have been efforts to generate red blood...

    Authors: Youn Keong Cho, Hyun-Kyung Kim, Soon Sung Kwon, Su-Hee Jeon, June-Won Cheong, Ki Taek Nam, Han-Soo Kim, Sinyoung Kim and Hyun Ok Kim
    Citation: Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2023 14:106
  4. Hospital-onset sepsis is associated with a higher in-hospital mortality rate than community-onset sepsis. Many hospitals have implemented rapid response teams (RRTs) for early detection and timely management o...

    Authors: Dong-gon Hyun, Su Yeon Lee, Jee Hwan Ahn, Jin Won Huh, Sang-Bum Hong, Younsuck Koh and Chae-Man Lim
    Citation: Critical Care 2022 26:280
  5. Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) can provide a high en bloc resection rate and has been widely applied as curative treatment for early colorectal cancer (ECC). However, surgical treatment is occasionally...

    Authors: Jongbeom Shin, Eun Ran Kim, Hyun Joo Jang, Dong Hoon Baek, Dong-Hoon Yang, Bo-In Lee, Kwang Bum Cho, Jin Woong Cho, Sung-Ae Jung, Su Jin Hong and Bong Min Ko
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2022 22:417
  6. Rabbits are being increasingly used as companion animals, and in research; thus, the need for proper veterinary care for rabbits has increased. Surgical access is more challenging in rabbits under inhalation a...

    Authors: Yujin Kim, Hee Yeon Jeon, Insook Yang, Ji Hyun Kim, Jae Hee Chung, Ji-Hyeon Ju, Gyeonghun Kim, Jun Won Park, Seung Yeon Oh, Je Kyung Seong, Seung Hyun Oh and Young-Shin Joo
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2022 38:24
  7. As the number of large-scale studies involving multiple organizations producing data has steadily increased, an integrated system for a common interoperable format is needed. In response to the coronavirus dis...

    Authors: Suhyeon Yoon, Hyuna Noh, Heejin Jin, Sungyoung Lee, Soyul Han, Sung-Hee Kim, Jiseon Kim, Jung Seon Seo, Jeong Jin Kim, In Ho Park, Jooyeon Oh, Joon-Yong Bae, Gee Eun Lee, Sun-Je Woo, Sun-Min Seo, Na-Won Kim…
    Citation: Laboratory Animal Research 2022 38:17
  8. Despite high vaccination coverage, measles outbreaks have been reported in measles elimination countries, especially among healthcare workers in their 20 and 30 s. This study was designed to identify measles-s...

    Authors: Hyeri Seok, Erica Españo, Jooyun Kim, Ji Hoon Jeon, Won Suk Choi, Yun-Kyung Kim, Jeong-Ki Kim and Dae Won Park
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2022 22:530
  9. Due to their diverse bioactivity, natural product (NP)s have been developed as commercial products in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic sectors as natural compound (NC)s and in the form of extracts. Follow...

    Authors: Seo Hyun Shin, Seung Man Oh, Jung Han Yoon Park, Ki Won Lee and Hee Yang
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2022 23:218
  10. In this prospective, multicenter, non-comparative observational study, the effectiveness and safety of the triple single-pill combination (SPC) of olmesartan/amlodipine/hydrochlorothiazide (OM/AML/HCTZ) were e...

    Authors: Il Suk Sohn, Sang-Hyun Ihm, Gee Hee Kim, Sang Min Park, Bum-Kee Hong, Chang Hoon Lee, Sang Hyun Lee, Dae-Il Chang, Sung-Pil Joo, Sang-Chan Lee, Yong-ho Lee, Dong Woon Jeon, Kyung Tae Jung, Si Jae Rhee, Yoon-Jin Cho and Chong-Jin Kim
    Citation: Clinical Hypertension 2021 27:21
  11. Herpes zoster (HZ), or shingles, is a clinical syndrome resulting from the reactivation of latent varicella zoster virus (VZV) within the sensory ganglia. We evaluated the safety and tolerability of ES16001 (e...

    Authors: Jeon Hwang-Bo, Byungwook Kim, Dae Won Park, Yeong-Geun Lee, Jeong Eun Kwon, Jae-Yong Chung and Se Chan Kang
    Citation: European Journal of Medical Research 2021 26:92
  12. To evaluate the performance of the patient clinical complexity level (PCCL) mechanism, which is the patient-level complexity adjustment factor within the Korean Diagnosis-Related Groups (KDRG) patient classifi...

    Authors: Sujeong Kim, Byoongyong Choi, Kyunghee Lee, Sangmin Lee and Sukil Kim
    Citation: Health Research Policy and Systems 2021 19:98
  13. Mistletoe extract, used as a complementary chemotherapeutic agent for cancer patients, has anticancer effects against various malignancies. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of mistletoe ...

    Authors: Jeong-Heum Baek, Youngbae Jeon, Kyoung-Won Han, Dong Hae Jung and Kyung-Ok Kim
    Citation: World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2021 19:178
  14. Immediate breast reconstruction with tissue expander in breast cancer patients who were expected to receive adjuvant therapy, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, has been a topic of debate. Postoperative com...

    Authors: Sung Mi Jung, Byung-Joon Jeon, Jinsun Woo, Jai Min Ryu, Se Kyung Lee, Byung-Joo Chae, Jonghan Yu, Seok Won Kim, Seok Jin Nam, Jai-Kyong Pyon, Goo-Hyun Mun, Sa Ik Bang and Jeong Eon Lee
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2021 21:88
  15. As in younger recipients, post-transplant infection is a frequent and devastating complication after kidney transplantation (KT) in older recipients. However, few studies have analyzed characteristics of post-...

    Authors: Jin Sug Kim, Kyung Hwan Jeong, Dong Won Lee, Sam Yeol Lee, Sang Ho Lee, Jaeseok Yang, Curie Ahn and Hyeon Seok Hwang
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2020 20:519
  16. Glomerular diseases, a set of debilitating and complex disease entities, are related to mortality and morbidity. To gain insight into pathophysiology and novel treatment targets of glomerular disease, various ...

    Authors: Eunjeong Kang, Yaerim Kim, Yong Chul Kim, Eunyoung Kim, Nankyoung Lee, Yeonghui Kim, Soojin Lee, Seungyeup Han, Misun Choe, Jin Ho Hwang, Sunhwa Lee, Ji In Park, Jung Tak Park, Beom Jin Lim, Jung Pyo Lee, Jung Nam An…
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2020 21:367
  17. Low back pain is a common symptom and continuous or recurrent pain results in chronic low back pain (CLBP). While many patients with CLBP have tried various treatments, complementary and alternative medicine i...

    Authors: Won-Suk Sung, Sae-Rom Jeon, Ye-Jin Hong, Tae-Hun Kim, Seungwon Shin, Hyun-Jong Lee, Byung-Kwan Seo, Yeon-Cheol Park, Eun-Jung Kim and Dong-Woo Nam
    Citation: Trials 2019 20:778
  18. After publication of the original article [1], we were notified that an author’s name has been incorrectly spelled. Soon You Kwon’s correct full name is Soon Young Kwon.

    Authors: Hyeri Seok, Ji Hoon Jeon, Kyung Ho Oh, Hee Kyoung Choi, Won Suk Choi, Young Hen Lee, Hyung Suk Seo, Soon Young Kwon and Dae Won Park
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2019 19:996

    The original article was published in BMC Infectious Diseases 2019 19:867

  19. Following publication of the original article [1], the authors have re-evaluated the authorship for this article. The updated author group is:

    Authors: Ho-Keun Kwon, Ji-Sun Hwang, Jae-Seon So, Choong-Gu Lee, Anupama Sahoo, Jae-Ha Ryu, Won Kyung Jeon, Byoung Seob Ko, Sung Haeng Lee, Zee Yong Park and Sin-Hyeog Im
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2019 19:1113

    The original article was published in BMC Cancer 2010 10:392