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  1. The Swedish Childhood Tumor Biobank (BTB) is a nonprofit national infrastructure for collecting tissue samples and genomic data from pediatric patients diagnosed with central nervous system (CNS) and other sol...

    Authors: Teresita Díaz de Ståhl, Alia Shamikh, Markus Mayrhofer, Szilvester Juhos, Elisa Basmaci, Gabriela Prochazka, Maxime Garcia, Praveen Raj Somarajan, Katarzyna Zielinska-Chomej, Christopher Illies, Ingrid Øra, Peter Siesjö, Per-Erik Sandström, Jakob Stenman, Magnus Sabel, Bengt Gustavsson…
    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2023 21:342
  2. Clinical ethics consultations (CEC) can be complex interventions, involving multiple methods, stakeholders, and competing ethical values. Despite longstanding calls for rigorous evaluation in the field, progre...

    Authors: Jennifer A. H. Bell, Marina Salis, Eryn Tong, Erica Nekolaichuk, Claudia Barned, Andria Bianchi, Daniel Z. Buchman, Kevin Rodrigues, Ruby R. Shanker and Ann M. Heesters
    Citation: BMC Medical Ethics 2022 23:99
  3. The deposition of aggregated proteins is a common neuropathological denominator for neurodegenerative disorders. Experimental evidence suggests that disease propagation involves prion-like mechanisms that caus...

    Authors: Isil Keskin, Elaheh Ekhtiari Bidhendi, Matthew Marklund, Peter M. Andersen, Thomas Brännström, Stefan L. Marklund and Ulrika Nordström
    Citation: Acta Neuropathologica Communications 2021 9:111
  4. Increasing evidence suggests that propagation of the motor neuron disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) involves the pathogenic aggregation of disease-associated proteins that spread in a prion-like mann...

    Authors: Manuela Lehmann, Matthew Marklund, Anna-Lena Bolender, Elaheh E. Bidhendi, Per Zetterström, Peter M. Andersen, Thomas Brännström, Stefan L. Marklund, Jonathan D. Gilthorpe and Ulrika Nordström
    Citation: Acta Neuropathologica Communications 2020 8:161
  5. The prerequisite for the potential use of the bacterial toxin verotoxin-1 in the treatment of breast cancer was investigated by first determining the expression of its receptor Gb3 (CD77) in clinical breast ca...

    Authors: David Johansson, Eldina Kosovac, Jasmin Moharer, Ingrid Ljuslinder, Thomas Brännström, Anders Johansson and Parviz Behnam-Motlagh
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2009 9:67