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  1. Meta-analysis has been established as an effective approach to combining summary statistics of several genome-wide association studies (GWAS). However, the accuracy of meta-analysis can be attenuated in the pr...

    Authors: Reza Nasirigerdeh, Reihaneh Torkzadehmahani, Julian Matschinske, Tobias Frisch, Markus List, Julian Späth, Stefan Weiss, Uwe Völker, Esa Pitkänen, Dominik Heider, Nina Kerstin Wenke, Georgios Kaissis, Daniel Rueckert, Tim Kacprowski and Jan Baumbach
    Citation: Genome Biology 2022 23:32
  2. Aggregating transcriptomics data across hospitals can increase sensitivity and robustness of differential expression analyses, yielding deeper clinical insights. As data exchange is often restricted by privacy...

    Authors: Olga Zolotareva, Reza Nasirigerdeh, Julian Matschinske, Reihaneh Torkzadehmahani, Mohammad Bakhtiari, Tobias Frisch, Julian Späth, David B. Blumenthal, Amir Abbasinejad, Paolo Tieri, Georgios Kaissis, Daniel Rückert, Nina K. Wenke, Markus List and Jan Baumbach
    Citation: Genome Biology 2021 22:338