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  1. Multidisciplinary integrated research requires the ability to couple thediverse sets of data obtained from a range of complex experiments andcomputer simulations. Integrating data requires semantically richinf...

    Authors: Wibe A de Jong, Andrew M Walker and Marcus D Hanwell
    Citation: Journal of Cheminformatics 2013 5:25
  2. The Avogadro project has developed an advanced molecule editor and visualizer designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related area...

    Authors: Marcus D Hanwell, Donald E Curtis, David C Lonie, Tim Vandermeersch, Eva Zurek and Geoffrey R Hutchison
    Citation: Journal of Cheminformatics 2012 4:17
  3. Computational Quantum Chemistry has developed into a powerful, efficient, reliable and increasingly routine tool for exploring the structure and properties of small to medium sized molecules. Many thousands of...

    Authors: Sam Adams, Pablo de Castro, Pablo Echenique, Jorge Estrada, Marcus D Hanwell, Peter Murray-Rust, Paul Sherwood, Jens Thomas and Joe Townsend
    Citation: Journal of Cheminformatics 2011 3:38
  4. The Blue Obelisk movement was established in 2005 as a response to the lack of Open Data, Open Standards and Open Source (ODOSOS) in chemistry. It aims to make it easier to carry out chemistry research by prom...

    Authors: Noel M O'Boyle, Rajarshi Guha, Egon L Willighagen, Samuel E Adams, Jonathan Alvarsson, Jean-Claude Bradley, Igor V Filippov, Robert M Hanson, Marcus D Hanwell, Geoffrey R Hutchison, Craig A James, Nina Jeliazkova, Andrew SID Lang, Karol M Langner, David C Lonie, Daniel M Lowe…
    Citation: Journal of Cheminformatics 2011 3:37