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  1. Delayed antenatal care is when the first visit is carried out after 12 gestational weeks. Despite the fact that many studies have been conducted on antenatal care initiation, little attention has been paid to ...

    Authors: Abiyu Abadi Tareke, Kassahun Dessie Gashu and Berhanu Fikadie Endehabtu
    Citation: Contraception and Reproductive Medicine 2022 7:23
  2. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are infections commonly spread through sexual contact and transmitted by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. In today’s world, STI-related information-seeking behavior is of...

    Authors: Aynadis Worku Shimie, Kassahun Dessie Gashu, Atsede Mazengia Shiferaw and Shegaw Anagaw Mengiste
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2022 19:25
  3. Patients’ failure to adhere to TB treatment was a major challenge that leads to poor treatment outcomes. In Ethiopia, TB treatment success was low as compared with the global threshold. Despite various studies...

    Authors: Kassahun Dessie Gashu, Kassahun Alemu Gelaye and Binyam Tilahun
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2021 21:725
  4. Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a diverse group of communicable diseases that principally impact the world’s poorest people. The use of digital health technologies is an emerging and promising way to im...

    Authors: Binyam Tilahun, Kassahun Dessie Gashu, Zeleke Abebaw Mekonnen, Berhanu Fikadie Endehabtu and Dessie Abebaw Angaw
    Citation: Tropical Medicine and Health 2021 49:17
  5. Compliance to anti-TB treatment is crucial in achieving cure and avoiding the emergence of drug resistance. Electronic health (eHealth) interventions are included in the strategy to end the global Tuberculosis...

    Authors: Kassahun Dessie Gashu, Kassahun Alemu Gelaye, Zeleke Abebaw Mekonnen, Richard Lester and Binyam Tilahun
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2020 20:42
  6. The World Health Organization estimates that 29% of under-five mortality could be prevented with existing vaccines. However, non-consistent attendance for immunization appointments remains a global challenge t...

    Authors: Zeleke Abebaw Mekonnen, Kassahun Alemu Gelaye, Martin C. Were, Kassahun Dessie Gashu and Binyam Chakilu Tilahun
    Citation: Systematic Reviews 2019 8:154
  7. Poor adherence compromises medication treatment effectiveness which results in suboptimal illness control. This can lead to increased use of healthcare services, reduction in patients’ quality of life and incr...

    Authors: Bereket Senay, Kassahun Dessie Gashu, Adamu Takele Jemere and Zeleke Abebaw Mekonnen
    Citation: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2019 19:109