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  1. Participatory design methods are a key component of designing tailored implementation strategies. These methods vary in the resources required to execute and analyze their outputs. No work to date has examined...

    Authors: Emily M. Becker-Haimes, Brinda Ramesh, Jacqueline E. Buck, Heather J. Nuske, Kelly A. Zentgraf, Rebecca E. Stewart, Alison Buttenheim and David S. Mandell
    Citation: Implementation Science 2022 17:46
  2. Authors: Sara J. Landes, Suzanne E. U. Kerns, Meagan R. Pilar, Callie Walsh-Bailey, Stephanie H. Yu, Y. Vivian Byeon, Margaret E. Crane, Madeline Larson, Heather L. Bullock, Ana A. Baumann, Katherine Anne Comtois, Doyanne Darnell, Shannon Dorsey, Phil Fizur, Cara C. Lewis, Joanna C. Moullin…
    Citation: Implementation Science 2020 15(Suppl 3):76

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 15 Supplement 3

  3. Individuals with autism are often reported to have difficulty with emotion processing. However, clinical and experimental data show that they are sensitive to familiarity; for example, they show normative atta...

    Authors: Heather J Nuske, Giacomo Vivanti and Cheryl Dissanayake
    Citation: Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 2014 6:14