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  1. Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis has an antimalarial effect which could have an additional protective effect against malaria in HIV-infected children on antiretroviral therapy (ART). We measured the incidence and ass...

    Authors: Aïda Mounkaila Harouna, Madeleine Amorissani-Folquet, François Tanoh Eboua, Sophie Desmonde, Sylvie N’Gbeche, Edmond Addi Aka, Kouakou Kouadio, Brou Kouacou, Karen Malateste, Clarisse Bosse-Amani, Patrick Ahuatchi Coffie and Valeriane Leroy
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2015 15:317
  2. The causes of severe morbidity in health facilities implementing Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) programmes are poorly documented in sub-Saharan Africa. We aimed to describe severe morbidity among HIV-infected ...

    Authors: Yao Abo, Marcel Zannou Djimon, Eugène Messou, Eric Balestre, Martial Kouakou, Jocelyn Akakpo, Carin Ahouada, Nathalie de Rekeneire, François Dabis, Charlotte Lewden and Albert Minga
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2015 15:176
  3. In resource-limited settings, scaling-up antiretroviral treatment (ART) has required the involvement of decentralized health facilities with limited equipment. We estimated the incidence of serious morbidity a...

    Authors: Yao Abo, Albert Minga, Hervé Menan, Christine Danel, Timothée Ouassa, Lambert Dohoun, Germain Bomisso, Anthony Tanoh, Eugène Messou, Serge Eholié, Charlotte Lewden and Xavier Anglaret
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2013 13:607
  4. Changes in CD4 cell counts are poorly documented in individuals with low or moderate-level viremia while on antiretroviral treatment (ART) in resource-limited settings. We assessed the impact of on-going HIV-R...

    Authors: Alexandra Calmy, Eric Balestre, Fabrice Bonnet, Andrew Boulle, Eduardo Sprinz, Robin Wood, Eric Delaporte, Eugène Messou, James McIntyre, Kamal Marhoum El Filali, Mauro Schechter, N Kumarasamy, David Bangsberg, Patrick McPhail, Stefaan Van Der Borght, Carlos Zala…
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2012 12:147
  5. Cervical cancer screening is not yet standard of care of women attending HIV care clinics in Africa and presents operational challenges that need to be addressed.

    Authors: Apollinaire Horo, Antoine Jaquet, Didier K Ekouevi, Badian Toure, Patrick A Coffie, Benjamin Effi, Eugene Messou, Albert Minga, Raoul Moh, Mamourou Kone, François Dabis and Annie J Sasco
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2012 12:237
  6. The objective was to examine the short-term risk and predictors of anaemia following initiation of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) in HIV-infected patients from the Western Africa, Eastern Africa, So...

    Authors: Jialun Zhou, Antoine Jaquet, Emmanuel Bissagnene, Beverly Musick, Kara Wools-Kaloustian, Nicola Maxwell, Andrew Boulle, Firas Wehbe, Daniel Masys, Jeniffer Iriondo-Perez, Jay Hemingway-Foday and Matthew Law
    Citation: Journal of the International AIDS Society 2012 15:5
  7. The IeDEA West Africa Pediatric Working Group (pWADA) was established in January 2007 to study the care and treatment of HIV-infected children in this region. We describe here the characteristics at antiretrov...

    Authors: Didier K Ekouevi, Alain Azondekon, Fatoumata Dicko, Karen Malateste, Pety Touré, François T Eboua, Kouakou Kouadio, Lorna Renner, Kevin Peterson, François Dabis, Haby Signaté Sy and Valeriane Leroy
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2011 11:519