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  1. The observation that 2-deoxy-2[18F]fluoro-D-glucose-positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance imaging ([18F]F-FDG-PET/MRI) revealed high-grade arterial wall FDG uptake, without arterial wall thickening w...

    Authors: Gleice Clemente, Alexandre W. de Souza, Hilton Leão Filho, Fernando M. A. Coelho, Carlos Buchpiguel, Marcos Lima, Camila Carneiro, Rosa M. R. Pereira, Nadia Aikawa, Clovis A. Silva, Lucia M. A. Campos, Gabriel Alves, Camilla Astley, Bruno Gualano and Maria Teresa Terreri
    Citation: Advances in Rheumatology 2022 62:28
  2. Melatonin has been shown to increase brown adipose tissue (BAT) mass, which can lead to important metabolic effects, such as bodyweight reduction and glycemic improvement. However, BAT mass can only be measure...

    Authors: Bruno Halpern, Marcio C. Mancini, Caroline Mendes, Camila Maria Longo Machado, Silvana Prando, Marcelo Tatit Sapienza, Carlos Alberto Buchpiguel, Fernanda Gaspar do Amaral and José Cipolla-Neto
    Citation: Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome 2020 12:82
  3. PSMA PET imaging was originally used to assess biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer (PCa), but its clinical use was promptly extended to detection, staging and therapy response assessment. The expanding u...

    Authors: Felipe de Galiza Barbosa, Marcelo Araujo Queiroz, Rafael Fernandes Nunes, Larissa Bastos Costa, Elaine Caroline Zaniboni, José Flavio Gomes Marin, Giovanni Guido Cerri and Carlos Alberto Buchpiguel
    Citation: Cancer Imaging 2020 20:23
  4. Neoadjuvant CRT may lead to significant tumor regression in patients with rectal cancer. Different CRT regimens with consolidation chemotherapy may lead to increased rates of complete tumor regression. The pur...

    Authors: Angelita Habr-Gama, Rodrigo O. Perez, Guilherme P. São Julião, Igor Proscurshim, Laura M. Fernandez, Marleny N. Figueiredo, Joaquim Gama-Rodrigues and Carlos A. Buchpiguel
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2016 11:24
  5. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is classically considered a transitional stage between normal aging and dementia. Non-amnestic MCI (naMCI) patients, however, typically demonstrate cognitive deficits other than...

    Authors: Artur M N Coutinho, Fábio H G Porto, Fabio L S Duran, Silvana Prando, Carla R Ono, Esther A A F Feitosa, Lívia Spíndola, Maira O. de Oliveira, Patrícia H F do Vale, Helio R. Gomes, Ricardo Nitrini, Sonia M D Brucki and Carlos A. Buchpiguel
    Citation: Alzheimer's Research & Therapy 2015 7:58