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  1. Authors: Tee Cian Yeow, Won Fen Wong, Negar Shafiei Sabet, Sofiah Sulaiman, Fatemeh Shahhosseini, Grace Min Yi Tan, Elaheh Movahed, Chung Yeng Looi, Esaki M. Shankar, Rishein Gupta, Bernard P. Arulanandam, Jamiyah Hassan and Sazaly Abu Bakar
    Citation: BMC Microbiology 2016 16:95

    The original article was published in BMC Microbiology 2016 16:45

  2. To evaluate fertility knowledge among current Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN) residents using a recently published validated instrument, the Fertility and Infertility Treatment Knowledge Score (FIT-KS).

    Authors: Leah May Roberts, Rashmi Kudesia, Huaqing Zhao, Shaliz Dolan and Marisa Rose
    Citation: Fertility Research and Practice 2020 6:22
  3. In April 2008, specialization in gynecology and obstetrics departments was introduced in the Sennan area of Osaka prefecture in Japan that aimed at solving the problems of regional provisions of obstetrics ser...

    Authors: Yoshimi Adachi, Hiroyasu Iso, Junyi Shen, Kanami Ban, On Fukui, Hiroyuki Hashimoto, Takako Nakashima, Kenichiro Morishige and Tatuyoshi Saijo
    Citation: Health Economics Review 2013 3:31
  4. In April 2008, the specialization in departments of obstetrics and gynecology was conducted in Sennan area of Osaka prefecture in Japan, which aims at solving the problems of regional provision of obstetrical ...

    Authors: Junyi Shen, On Fukui, Hiroyuki Hashimoto, Takako Nakashima, Tadashi Kimura, Kenichiro Morishige and Tatsuyoshi Saijo
    Citation: Health Economics Review 2012 2:2
  5. Logbooks are being increasingly widely used as a means of improving medical education and further training. They will in all probability continue to be mandatory in the Practical Year (PJ) in Germany even afte...

    Authors: Sebastian M. Jud, Susanne Cupisti, Wolfgang Frobenius, Sigrid Benn, Andrea Winkler, Sophia Antoniadis, Matthias W. Beckmann and Felix Heindl
    Citation: European Journal of Medical Research 2020 25:15
  6. Providing effective, high quality, antenatal and postpartum contraceptive counseling can reduce unintended pregnancies, decrease maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality, and prevent unsafe abortions. The po...

    Authors: Abraham Fessehaye Sium, Mekdes Wolderufael, Don Eliseo Lucero-Prisno III and Jaclyn M. Grentzer
    Citation: Reproductive Health 2022 19:59
  7. Despite a large body of data suggesting that delivery of fertility care to cancer patients is inconsistent and frequently insufficient, there is a paucity of literature examining training in fertility preserva...

    Authors: Elizabeth J. N. Miller, Lisa M. Cookingham, Teresa K. Woodruff, Ginny L. Ryan, Karen M. Summers, Laxmi A. Kondapalli and Divya K. Shah
    Citation: Fertility Research and Practice 2017 3:9
  8. This study sought to determine if there was a difference in the months of oral contraception prescribed by resident physicians living in U.S. states with a 12-month supply policy compared to resident physician...

    Authors: Megan F. Fuerst, Kaitlin Schrote, Bharti Garg and Maria I. Rodriguez
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2022 22:287
  9. The use of empirical anti-infective medication calls for the identification of common pathogens and accurate infectious biomarkers. However, clinical pharmacists’ anti-infective experience in the field of obst...

    Authors: Jing Jin, Xiucong Fan, Xiaohui Dong, Xiaobo Zhai, Yabin Ma and Jing Tang
    Citation: European Journal of Medical Research 2022 27:229
  10. A lack of undergraduate medical curricula on providing healthcare to transgender and gender diverse (TGD) patients has contributed to significant health disparities for TGD communities. To address this gap, we...

    Authors: Christina N. Schmidt, Monica Stretten, Jay G. Bindman, Gaetan Pettigrew and Jeannette Lager
    Citation: BMC Medical Education 2022 22:706
  11. Nationwide restrictions and recommendations from the Association of American Medical Colleges mandated program directors to conduct all graduate medical education interviews virtually in the Spring of 2020 in ...

    Authors: Ann Do Tran, Christine A. Heisler, Sylvia Botros-Brey, Hanzhang Wang, Bertille Gaigbe-Togbe, Ava Leegant and Anne Hardart
    Citation: BMC Medical Education 2022 22:620
  12. Due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, all Obstetrics and Gynecology fellowship interviews were held virtually for the 2020 fellowship match cycle. The aim of this study was to describe our i...

    Authors: Alexandra Peyser, Moti Gulersen, Michael Nimaroff, Christine Mullin and Randi H. Goldman
    Citation: BMC Medical Education 2021 21:449
  13. To explore the application effect of the clinical basic integration teaching mode constructed by case studies and the MOOC platform in obstetrics and gynecology internship teaching in the face of public health...

    Authors: Yi Li, Chunfen Yang, Wenyan Liao, Shuangjian Yang, Wenjuan Tong, Li Li, Hui Lan and Dong Yang
    Citation: BMC Medical Education 2022 22:800
  14. The prevalence estimates of burnout among residents vary widely. Resident physicians working overnight have additional stressors and therefore, may be at higher risk of developing burnout.

    Authors: Miriam Tarrash, David Nelson, Nagaraj Gabbur and Gary L. Goldberg
    Citation: BMC Medical Education 2022 22:809
  15. In the U.S., complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use is most prevalent among reproductive age, educated women. We sought to determine general attitudes and approaches to CAM among obstetric and gyneco...

    Authors: Mandi L Furlow, Divya A Patel, Ananda Sen and J Rebecca Liu
    Citation: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2008 8:35
  16. We report here a case of a healthy 23-year-old female patient who was assessed at the gynecology emergency department for genital ulcers, fever, and blurred vision. After suspicion of herpes simplex virus-2 le...

    Authors: S. Masmejan, Y. Guex-Crosier, C. Diserens, M. Vouga, A. S. Clottu, C. Ribi, P. Mathevet and M. Jacot-Guillarmod
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2021 15:517
  17. To outline how the training program and work situation of residents in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB-GYN) was affected by the pandemic and to illuminate how residents experienced these changes.

    Authors: Matilda Wådell, Anne K. Örtqvist, Karolina Linden, Magnus Akerstrom, Ola Andersson, Ylva Carlsson, Sofie Graner, Maria Jonsson, Elin Naurin, Verena Sengpiel, Malin Veje, Anna Wessberg and Mehreen Zaigham
    Citation: BMC Medical Education 2022 22:602

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