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  1. Arecae semen, the dried slice of areca nuts, is a traditional Chinese medicine used to treat intestinal parasitosis, rectal tenesmus and diarrhea. Areca nuts contain a rich amount of polyphenols that have been s...

    Authors: Chia-Chi Wang, Yu-Ru Lin, Mei-Hsiu Liao and Tong-Rong Jan
    Citation: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2013 13:154
  2. Long-term consumption of an excessive fat and sucrose diet (Western diet, WD) has been considered a risk factor for metabolic syndrome (MS) and cardiovascular disease. Caveolae and caveolin-1 (CAV-1) proteins ...

    Authors: I.-Fan Liu, Tzu-Chieh Lin, Shu-Chi Wang, Chia-Hung Yen, Chia-Yang Li, Hsuan-Fu Kuo, Chong-Chao Hsieh, Chia-Yuan Chang, Chuang-Rung Chang, Yung-Hsiang Chen, Yu-Ru Liu, Tsung-Ying Lee, Chi-Yuan Huang, Chih-Hsin Hsu, Shing-Jong Lin and Po-Len Liu
    Citation: Biology Direct 2023 18:9
  3. Triage plays a crucial role in the emergency department (ED) management of mass casualty incidents (MCIs) when resources are limited. This study aimed to compare the performance of simple triage and rapid trea...

    Authors: Yun-Kuan Lin, Kuang-Yu Niu, Chen-June Seak, Yi-Ming Weng, Jen-Hung Wang and Pei-Fang Lai
    Citation: World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2020 15:20
  4. Predicting imminent hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in liver cirrhotic patients is an unmet medical need. We aimed to investigate circulatory biomarkers and their optimum combinations in a prospective study.

    Authors: Kung-Hao Liang, Ming-Wei Lai, Yang-Hsiang Lin, Yu-De Chu, Chih-Lang Lin, Wey-Ran Lin, Ya-Hui Huang, Tong-Hung Wang, Rong-Nan Chien, Tsung-Hui Hu and Chau-Ting Yeh
    Citation: BMC Gastroenterology 2021 21:177
  5. The Oxfordshire Community Stroke Project (OCSP) classification is a simple stroke classification system with value in predicting clinical outcomes. We investigated whether and how the addition of OCSP classifi...

    Authors: Sheng-Feng Sung, Solomon Chih-Cheng Chen, Huey-Juan Lin, Chih-Hung Chen, Mei-Chiun Tseng, Chi-Shun Wu, Yung-Chu Hsu, Ling-Chien Hung and Yu-Wei Chen
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2014 14:39