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  1. Authors: Andreas Lundqvist, Vincent van Hoef, Xiaonan Zhang, Erik Wennerberg, Julie Lorent, Kristina Witt, Laia Masvidal Sanz, Shuo Liang, Shannon Murray, Ola Larsson, Rolf Kiessling, Yumeng Mao, John-William Sidhom, Catherine A. Bessell, Jonathan Havel, Jonathan Schneck…
    Citation: Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2016 4(Suppl 1):82

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 4 Supplement 1

  2. The current kiwifruit industry is mainly based on the cultivars derived from the species Actinidia chinensis (Ac) which may bring risks such as canker disease. Introgression of desired traits from wild relatives ...

    Authors: Xiaohong Yao, Shuaibin Wang, Zupeng Wang, Dawei Li, Quan Jiang, Qiong Zhang, Lei Gao, Caihong Zhong, Hongwen Huang and Yifei Liu
    Citation: Molecular Horticulture 2022 2:13
  3. The aim of this study was to investigate adverse outcomes and risk factors for the cardiac conduction system in children with perimembranous ventricular septal defects (pmVSDs) who had been treated by catheter...

    Authors: Yu-Qing Lei, Wen-Hao Lin, Shi-Hao Lin, Wen-Peng Xie, Jian-Feng Liu, Qiang Chen and Hua Cao
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2022 17:19
  4. Nineteen teams presented results for the Gene Mention Task at the BioCreative II Workshop. In this task participants designed systems to identify substrings in sentences corresponding to gene name mentions. A ...

    Authors: Larry Smith, Lorraine K Tanabe, Rie Johnson nee Ando, Cheng-Ju Kuo, I-Fang Chung, Chun-Nan Hsu, Yu-Shi Lin, Roman Klinger, Christoph M Friedrich, Kuzman Ganchev, Manabu Torii, Hongfang Liu, Barry Haddow, Craig A Struble, Richard J Povinelli, Andreas Vlachos…
    Citation: Genome Biology 2008 9(Suppl 2):S2

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 9 Supplement 2

  5. Conventionally, the depth of distal femoral resection in total knee arthroplasty is referenced from the most prominent distal femoral condyle. This surgical technique does not consider pathological alteration...

    Authors: David W. Liu, Sara Martinez Martos, Yifei Dai and Elaine M. Beller
    Citation: Knee Surgery & Related Research 2022 34:32
  6. Titanium and its alloys have been widely employed for bone tissue repair and implant manufacturing. The rapid development of three-dimensional (3D) printing technology has allowed fabrication of porous titaniu...

    Authors: Yifei Gu, Yi Sun, Sohaib Shujaat, Annabel Braem, Constantinus Politis and Reinhilde Jacobs
    Citation: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2022 17:68
  7. Lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) is the leading cause of cancer-related death. This study aimed to develop and validate reliable prognostic biomarkers and signature.

    Authors: Cui Zhao, Jian Liu, Haomiao Zhou, Xin Qian, Hui Sun, Xuewen Chen, Miaosen Zheng, Tingting Bian, Lei Liu, Yifei Liu and Jianguo Zhang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2021 21:228
  8. Stent-graft-induced inflammation is an independent risk factor for adverse aortic remodeling in aortic dissection. In this context, we asked that whether a methylprednisolone-loaded stent-graft could reduce in...

    Authors: Junjun Liu, Hongqiao Zhu, Yifei Pei, Heng Zhang, Jian Zhou and Zaiping Jing
    Citation: Biomaterials Research 2022 26:15
  9. Cell division cycle 6 (CDC6) has been proven to be associated with the initiation and progression of human multiple tumors. However, it’s role in glioma, which is ranked as one of the common primary malignant ...

    Authors: Feng Wang, Fen Zhao, Li Zhang, Lai Xiong, Qing Mao, Yanhui Liu, Xiaoguang Qiu, Xiang Wang, Lin Shui, Xi Chen, Kexing Ren, Pixian Shui, Qiongwen Zhang, Yifei Deng, Weimin Li, Xiaoqi Xie…
    Citation: Molecular Cancer 2022 21:153
  10. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is spreading rapidly around the globe. By the establishment of an integrative system combining both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and western medicine, China h...

    Authors: Hua Luo, Yan Gao, Jian Zou, Siyuan Zhang, Hanbin Chen, Qiao Liu, Dechao Tan, Yan Han, Yonghua Zhao and Shengpeng Wang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2020 15:94
  11. Primary testicular lymphoma (PTL), often appearing as focal masses in the scrotum and epididymides, is the most frequent testicular tumor in aged men. Although MYD88 and CD79B mutations were the most common ge...

    Authors: Xinfeng Wang, Xiaoyu Xu, Wenzhi Cai, Haiyan Bao, Hongming Huang, Yifei Liu, Xi Yang, Changgeng Ruan, Depei Wu, Hongjie Shen and Suning Chen
    Citation: Biomarker Research 2020 8:10
  12. Thus far, no meta-analysis focusing on the mid- to long-term incidence of adjacent segment disease requiring surgery after cervical total disc replacement and anterior cervical discectomy and fusion has been p...

    Authors: Yifei Deng, Guangzhou Li, Hao Liu, Ying Hong and Yang Meng
    Citation: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 2020 15:468
  13. Aspergillus fumigatus Z5 has a strong ability to decompose lignocellulose biomass, and its extracellular protein secretion has been reported in earlier studies employing traditional techniques. However, a compreh...

    Authors: Dongyang Liu, Juan Li, Shuang Zhao, Ruifu Zhang, Mengmeng Wang, Youzhi Miao, Yifei Shen and Qirong Shen
    Citation: Biotechnology for Biofuels 2013 6:149
  14. Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumors are rare, and those located in the extremities without bone involvement are even rarer. We present the case of a 61-year-old Chinese male patient with an inflammatory myofib...

    Authors: Jun Lin, Hao Liu, Yin Zhuang, Peng Yang, Yifei Zheng, Yan Yang and Huilin Yang
    Citation: World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2014 12:208
  15. As an important member of ion channels family, the voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC/Nav) is associated with a variety of diseases, including epilepsy, migraine, ataxia, etc., and has always been a hot target fo...

    Authors: Gaoang Wang, Jiahui Yu, Hongyan Du, Chao Shen, Xujun Zhang, Yifei Liu, Yangyang Zhang, Dongsheng Cao, Peichen Pan and Tingjun Hou
    Citation: Journal of Cheminformatics 2022 14:75
  16. To assess the effects of various treatment planning parameters to identify the optimal gap distance for precise two-segment total body irradiation (TBI) using helical tomotherapy (HT) with fixed jaw mode.

    Authors: HaiYang Wang, JunQi Liu, YiFei Pi, Qi Liu, Yang Mi, XiangXiang Yang, YueXin Guo and RuiTai Fan
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2020 15:257