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  1. I1 Introduction to the 2015 Brainhack Proceedings

    Authors: R. Cameron Craddock, Pierre Bellec, Daniel S. Margules, B. Nolan Nichols, Jörg P. Pfannmöller, AmanPreet Badhwar, David Kennedy, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Roberto Toro, Ben Cipollini, Ariel Rokem, Daniel Clark, Krzysztof J. Gorgolewski, R. Cameron Craddock, R. Cameron Craddock, Daniel J. Clark…
    Citation: GigaScience 2016 5(Suppl 1):46

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 5 Supplement 1

  2. Adult rat hypothalamo-pituitary axis and choroid plexus are rich in basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF2) which likely has a role in fluid homeostasis. Towards this end, we characterized the distribution and m...

    Authors: Ana M Gonzalez, William M Taylor, Conrad E Johanson, Joan C King, Wendy E Leadbeater, Edward G Stopa and Andrew Baird
    Citation: Cerebrospinal Fluid Research 2010 7:13
  3. Eier des KnochenfischesCyprinodon macularius wurden 4 Stunden nach dem Laichakt in verschiedene Temperatur-Salzgehalts Kombinationen überführt und unter kontrollierten Bedingungen erbrütet. Alle zum Laichen anges...

    Authors: John G. Sweet and Otto Kinne
    Citation: Helgoländer wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen 1964 11:BF01611131
  4. Fish injury and mortality resulting from entrainment and/or impingement during downstream passage over/through hydropower infrastructure has the potential to cause negative effects on fish populations. The pri...

    Authors: Dirk A. Algera, Trina Rytwinski, Jessica J. Taylor, Joseph R. Bennett, Karen E. Smokorowski, Philip M. Harrison, Keith D. Clarke, Eva C. Enders, Michael Power, Mark S. Bevelhimer and Steven J. Cooke
    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2020 9:3
  5. Speciation corresponds to the progressive establishment of reproductive barriers between groups of individuals derived from an ancestral stock. Since Darwin did not believe that reproductive barriers could be ...

    Authors: Etienne Joly
    Citation: Biology Direct 2011 6:62
  6. Authors: W. Greve, H. von Westernhagen, K. -R. Sperling, C. D. Zander, O. Giere, H. Mergner, M. Thiel, Ilse Bartsch, G. Gassmann and R. -A. Vetter
    Citation: Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen 1996 50:BF02367166
  7. Artemia (Crustacea, Anostraca), also known as brine shrimp, are typical inhabitants of extreme environments. These hypersaline environments vary considerably in their physicochemical composition, and even their c...

    Authors: William N Camargo, Gabriel C Durán, Orlando C Rada, Licet C Hernández, Juan-Carlos G Linero, Igor M Muelle and Patrick Sorgeloos
    Citation: Saline Systems 2005 1:9
  8. The editors of BMC Public Health would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in Volume 15 (2015).

    Authors: Natalie Pafitis
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2016 16:189
  9. The human hepatitis B virus (HBV), a member of the hepadna viridae, causes acute or chronic hepatitis B, and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The duck hepatitis B virus (DHBV) infection, a dependable and reprod...

    Authors: Sajith Nair, Devaki S Arathy, Aneesh Issac and Easwaran Sreekumar
    Citation: Virology Journal 2011 8:363
  10. By entering the era of mega-scale genomics, we are facing many computational issues with standard genomic evaluation models due to their dense data structure and cubic computational complexity. Several scalabl...

    Authors: Ivan Pocrnic, Finn Lindgren, Daniel Tolhurst, William O. Herring and Gregor Gorjanc
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2022 54:76
  11. Cancer serum protein profiling by mass spectrometry has uncovered mass profiles that are potentially diagnostic for several common types of cancer. However, direct mass spectrometric profiling has a limited dy...

    Authors: Wei-Min Gao, Rork Kuick, Randal P Orchekowski, David E Misek, Ji Qiu, Alissa K Greenberg, William N Rom, Dean E Brenner, Gilbert S Omenn, Brian B Haab and Samir M Hanash
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2005 5:110
  12. Among dietary factors, learning and behavior are influenced not only by nutrients, but also by exposure to toxic food contaminants such as mercury that can disrupt metabolic processes and alter neuronal plasti...

    Authors: Renee Dufault, Roseanne Schnoll, Walter J Lukiw, Blaise LeBlanc, Charles Cornett, Lyn Patrick, David Wallinga, Steven G Gilbert and Raquel Crider
    Citation: Behavioral and Brain Functions 2009 5:44
  13. Early simulations indicated that whole-genome sequence data (WGS) could improve the accuracy of genomic predictions within and across breeds. However, empirical results have been ambiguous so far. Large datase...

    Authors: Roger Ros-Freixedes, Martin Johnsson, Andrew Whalen, Ching-Yi Chen, Bruno D. Valente, William O. Herring, Gregor Gorjanc and John M. Hickey
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2022 54:65
  14. The first Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) genome assembly published in 2011 was one of the early genome assemblies exclusively based on high-throughput 454 pyrosequencing. Since then, rapid advances in sequencing tec...

    Authors: Ole K. Tørresen, Bastiaan Star, Sissel Jentoft, William B. Reinar, Harald Grove, Jason R. Miller, Brian P. Walenz, James Knight, Jenny M. Ekholm, Paul Peluso, Rolf B. Edvardsen, Ave Tooming-Klunderud, Morten Skage, Sigbjørn Lien, Kjetill S. Jakobsen and Alexander J. Nederbragt
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2017 18:95
  15. It is expected that functional, mainly missense and loss-of-function (LOF), and regulatory variants are responsible for most phenotypic differences between breeds and genetic lines of livestock species that ha...

    Authors: Roger Ros-Freixedes, Bruno D. Valente, Ching-Yi Chen, William O. Herring, Gregor Gorjanc, John M. Hickey and Martin Johnsson
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2022 54:39