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  1. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are recognized as one of the most important families of non-coding RNAs that serve as important sequence-specific post-transcriptional regulators of gene expression. Identification of miRNAs...

    Authors: Ting-Hua Huang, Bin Fan, Max F Rothschild, Zhi-Liang Hu, Kui Li and Shu-Hong Zhao
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2007 8:341
  2. To investigated the effects of sufentanil in combination with flurbiprofen axetil and dexmedetomidine for patient-controlled intravenous analgesia (PCIA) on patients after open gastrointestinal tumor surgery, ...

    Authors: Fei Liu, Ting-Ting Li, Lu Yin, Jin Huang, Yan-Jun Chen, Liu-Lin Xiong and Ting-Hua Wang
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:130
  3. Colorectal cancer, one of the most common digestive tumors with high mortality and morbidity worldwide, currently lacks effective therapies available to improve the prognosis. This study was aimed to investiga...

    Authors: Liu-Lin Xiong, Ruo-Lan Du, Lu-Lu Xue, Ya Jiang, Jin Huang, Li Chen, Jia Liu and Ting-Hua Wang
    Citation: Chinese Medicine 2020 15:28
  4. Placental efficiency is strongly associated with litter size, fetal weight and prenatal mortality. Together with its rapid growth during late gestation, the Large White pig breed shows a significant increase i...

    Authors: Quan-Yong Zhou, Ming-Di Fang, Ting-Hua Huang, Chang-Chun Li, Mei Yu and Shu-Hong Zhao
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2009 10:337
  5. The domestic pig is known as an excellent model for human immunology and the two species share many pathogens. Susceptibility to infectious disease is one of the major constraints on swine performance, yet the...

    Authors: Harry D Dawson, Jane E Loveland, GĂ©raldine Pascal, James GR Gilbert, Hirohide Uenishi, Katherine M Mann, Yongming Sang, Jie Zhang, Denise Carvalho-Silva, Toby Hunt, Matthew Hardy, Zhiliang Hu, Shu-Hong Zhao, Anna Anselmo, Hiroki Shinkai, Celine Chen…
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2013 14:332