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  1. Moringa stenopetala belongs to the flowering family Moringaceae and genus Moringa. It is often referred to as the East African Moringa tree because it is native only to southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. The e...

    Authors: Alelegne Yeshamebel Adugna, Tileye Feyissa and Fikresilasie Samuel Tasew
    Citation: BMC Biotechnology 2020 20:60
  2. Genetic improvement of root system architecture is essential to improve water and nutrient use efficiency of crops or to boost their productivity under stress or non-optimal soil conditions. One hundred ninety...

    Authors: Admas Alemu, Tileye Feyissa, Marco Maccaferri, Giuseppe Sciara, Roberto Tuberosa, Karim Ammar, Ayele Badebo, Maricelis Acevedo, Tesfaye Letta and Bekele Abeyo
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2021 22:20
  3. Ethiopia has been considered as a center of diversity and the second possible center of domestication of durum wheat. Genetic diversity and population structure analysis in the existing Ethiopian durum wheat g...

    Authors: Admas Alemu, Tileye Feyissa, Tesfaye Letta and Bekele Abeyo
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2020 21:18
  4. Chloroplasts play a great role for sustained wellbeing of life on the planet. They have the power and raw materials that can be used as sophisticated biological factories. They are rich in energy as they have ...

    Authors: Muhamed Adem, Dereje Beyene and Tileye Feyissa
    Citation: Plant Methods 2017 13:30
  5. Enset is an important source of food and is consumed by about 25 million people as a staple or co-staple food crop mainly in southern parts of Ethiopia. Large numbers of enset landraces exist in different admi...

    Authors: Tesfaye Dilebo, Tileye Feyissa, Zemede Asfaw and Ashagire Zewdu
    Citation: Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2023 19:2
  6. High-density single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the most abundant and robust form of genetic variants and hence make highly favorable markers to determine the genetic diversity and relationship, enhanc...

    Authors: Mihret Yirgu, Mulugeta Kebede, Tileye Feyissa, Berhane Lakew, Aemiro Bezabih Woldeyohannes and Mulusew Fikere
    Citation: BMC Genomic Data 2023 24:7