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  1. Nurses and midwives play a critical role in the provision of care and the optimization of health services resources worldwide, which is particularly relevant during the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, they...

    Authors: Alba Llop-Gironés, Ana Vračar, Gisela Llop-Gironés, Joan Benach, Livia Angeli-Silva, Lucero Jaimez, Pramila Thapa, Ramesh Bhatta, Santosh Mahindrakar, Sara Bontempo Scavo, Sonia Nar Devi, Susana Barria, Susana Marcos Alonso and Mireia Julià
    Citation: Human Resources for Health 2021 19:112
  2. Finding new strategies for care integration has become a policy priority for many fragmented health systems in Latin America. Although the implementation of interventions through a participatory action researc...

    Authors: Ingrid Vargas, Pamela Eguiguren, Amparo-Susana Mogollón-Pérez, Isabella Samico, Fernando Bertolotto, Julieta López-Vázquez and María-Luisa Vázquez
    Citation: BMC Health Services Research 2020 20:941