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  1. The term Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcus infections (PANDAS) was coined by Swedo et al. in 1998 to describe a subset of childhood obsessive-compulsive disorders (O...

    Authors: Germana Moretti, Massimo Pasquini, Gabriele Mandarelli, Lorenzo Tarsitani and Massimo Biondi
    Citation: Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Health 2008 4:13
  2. Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder after streptococcal infection (PANDAS) is a specific autoimmune response to group-A streptococcal infections in children and adolescents with a sudden onset of ob...

    Authors: A. H. Nave, P. Harmel, R. Buchert and L. Harms
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2018 18:60
  3. Social (pragmatic) communication disorder (SCD) is a new diagnostic category in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition (DSM-5). The purpose of this review is to describe and s...

    Authors: Lauren B Swineford, Audrey Thurm, Gillian Baird, Amy M Wetherby and Susan Swedo
    Citation: Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 2014 6:41
  4. Minocycline is a tetracycline derivative that readily crosses the blood brain barrier and appears to have beneficial effects on neuroinflammation, microglial activation and neuroprotection in a variety of neur...

    Authors: Carlos A Pardo, Ashura Buckley, Audrey Thurm, Li-Ching Lee, Arun Azhagiri, David M Neville and Susan E Swedo
    Citation: Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 2013 5:9
  5. The causes of autism likely involve genetic and environmental factors that influence neurobiological changes and the neurological and behavioral features of the disorder. Immune factors and inflammation are hy...

    Authors: Carlos A. Pardo, Cristan A. Farmer, Audrey Thurm, Fatma M. Shebl, Jorjetta Ilieva, Simran Kalra and Susan Swedo
    Citation: Molecular Autism 2017 8:1
  6. Adaptive behavior, or the ability to function independently in ones’ environment, is a key phenotypic construct in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Few studies of the development of adaptive behavior during pre...

    Authors: Cristan Farmer, Lauren Swineford, Susan E. Swedo and Audrey Thurm
    Citation: Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 2018 10:1
  7. Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (SLOS) is an autosomal recessive inborn error of cholesterol metabolism syndrome with neurocognitive manifestations. SLOS is the result of mutations in the gene encoding the 7-dehydr...

    Authors: Audrey Thurm, Elaine Tierney, Cristan Farmer, Phebe Albert, Lisa Joseph, Susan Swedo, Simona Bianconi, Irena Bukelis, Courtney Wheeler, Geeta Sarphare, Diane Lanham, Christopher A. Wassif and Forbes D. Porter
    Citation: Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 2016 8:12