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  1. We and the Editorial Board acknowledge and thank all reviewers for their active participation and contribution during 2013. We greatly appreciate their dedication and behind the scenes contribution. It is larg...

    Authors: Lucy Abel, Ahmed Bakillah and M Mahmood Hussain
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2014 11:7
  2. Tinnitus is a highly prevalent symptom, affecting 10–15% of the adult population. Tinnitus influenced by alterations in somatosensory afference from the neck or jaw is referred to as somatic tinnitus (ST). ST ...

    Authors: Sara Demoen, Laure Jacquemin, Annick Timmermans, Vincent Van Rompaey, Olivier Vanderveken, Hanne Vermeersch, Iris Joossen, Julie Van Eetvelde, Winfried Schlee, Wim Marneffe, Janis Luyten, Annick Gilles and Sarah Michiels
    Citation: Trials 2022 23:435
  3. Tinnitus occurs in a large part of the general population with prevalences ranging from 10% to 15% in an adult population. One subtype is cervicogenic somatic tinnitus, arising from cervical spine dysfunctions...

    Authors: Sarah Michiels, Willem De Hertogh, Steven Truijen and Paul Van de Heyning
    Citation: Trials 2014 15:297
  4. Studies focusing on patterns of psychotropic drug prescriptions (PDPs) for subpopulations of community-dwelling older people with dementia are lacking.

    Authors: Jiamin Du, Sarah I. M. Janus, Michiel de Boer and Sytse U. Zuidema
    Citation: BMC Primary Care 2023 24:69
  5. The editors of BMC Evolutionary Biology would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in Volume 15 (2015).

    Authors: Christopher Foote
    Citation: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2016 16:54
  6. Probiotic bacteria are increasingly used as immunomodulatory agents. Yet detailed molecular knowledge on the immunomodulatory molecules of these bacteria is lagging behind. Lipoteichoic acid (LTA) is considere...

    Authors: Ingmar JJ Claes, Marijke E Segers, Tine LA Verhoeven, Michiel Dusselier, Bert F Sels, Sigrid CJ De Keersmaecker, Jos Vanderleyden and Sarah Lebeer
    Citation: Microbial Cell Factories 2012 11:161
  7. The aetiology of ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) and triggers of relapse are poorly understood. Vitamin D (vitD) is an important immunomodulator, potentially responsible for the observed latitudinal differenc...

    Authors: Jennifer Scott, Enock Havyarimana, Albert Navarro-Gallinad, Arthur White, Jason Wyse, Jos van Geffen, Michiel van Weele, Antonia Buettner, Tamara Wanigasekera, Cathal Walsh, Louis Aslett, John D. Kelleher, Julie Power, James Ng, Declan O’Sullivan, Lucy Hederman…
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2022 24:147
  8. Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle play a key role in shaping immunity in the cervicovaginal tract. Cervicovaginal fluid contains cytokines, chemokines, immunoglobulins, and other immune mediators. Ma...

    Authors: Sean M. Hughes, Claire N. Levy, Ronit Katz, Erica M. Lokken, Melis N. Anahtar, Melissa Barousse Hall, Frideborg Bradley, Philip E. Castle, Valerie Cortez, Gustavo F. Doncel, Raina Fichorova, Paul L. Fidel Jr, Keith R. Fowke, Suzanna C. Francis, Mimi Ghosh, Loris Y. Hwang…
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2022 20:353