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  1. Cost-effectiveness is a pivotal consideration for clinical decision making of high-tech cancer treatment in developing countries. Intensity-modulated proton radiation therapy (IMPT, the advanced form of proton...

    Authors: Guo Li, Bo Qiu, Yi-Xiang Huang, Jerome Doyen, Pierre-Yves Bondiau, Karen Benezery, Yun-Fei Xia and Chao-Nan Qian
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2020 20:599
  2. Authors: Sonja Althammer, Keith Steele, Marlon Rebelatto, Tze Heng Tan, Tobias Wiestler, Guenter Schmidt, Brandon Higgs, Xia Li, Li Shi, Xiaoping Jin, Joyce Antal, Ashok Gupta, Koustubh Ranade, Gerd Binning, Joaquim Bellmunt, Ronald de Wit…
    Citation: Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2016 4(Suppl 2):91

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 4 Supplement 2