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  1. We propose DEGAS (Diagnostic Evidence GAuge of Single cells), a novel deep transfer learning framework, to transfer disease information from patients to cells. We call such transferrable information “impressions,...

    Authors: Travis S. Johnson, Christina Y. Yu, Zhi Huang, Siwen Xu, Tongxin Wang, Chuanpeng Dong, Wei Shao, Mohammad Abu Zaid, Xiaoqing Huang, Yijie Wang, Christopher Bartlett, Yan Zhang, Brian A. Walker, Yunlong Liu, Kun Huang and Jie Zhang
    Citation: Genome Medicine 2022 14:11
  2. Depression is a common illness, often treated in primary care. Guidelines provide recommendations for referral to mental health care. Several studies investigated determinants of referral, none investigated gu...

    Authors: Ellen Piek, Klaas van der Meer, Brenda WJH Penninx, Peter FM Verhaak and Willem A Nolen
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2011 12:41
  3. The extra workload induced by patients with mental health problems may sometimes cause GPs to be reluctant to become involved in mental health care. It is known that dealing with patients' mental health proble...

    Authors: Else M Zantinge, Peter FM Verhaak, Dinny H de Bakker, Klaas van der Meer and Jozien M Bensing
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2006 7:71
  4. Patients suffering from psychotic disorders have an increased risk of comorbid somatic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders and diabetes mellitus. Doctor-related factors, such as unfamiliarity with these ...

    Authors: Marian JT Oud, Jan Schuling, Klaas H Groenier, Peter FM Verhaak, Cees J Slooff, Janny H Dekker and Betty Meyboom-de Jong
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2010 11:92
  5. The objective is to compare the performance of the MHI-5 and GHQ-12, both measures of general mental health. Therefore, we studied the relationship of the GHQ-12 and MHI-5 with sociodemographic characteristics...

    Authors: Nancy Hoeymans, Anna A Garssen, Gert P Westert and Peter FM Verhaak
    Citation: Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2004 2:23
  6. There is little evidence as to whether or not guideline concordant care in general practice results in better clinical outcomes for people with anxiety and depression. This study aims to determine possible ass...

    Authors: Marijn A Prins, Peter FM Verhaak, Mirrian Hilbink-Smolders, Peter Spreeuwenberg, Miranda GH Laurant, Klaas van der Meer, Harm WJ van Marwijk, Brenda WJH Penninx and Jozien M Bensing
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2011 11:180
  7. In a recent study comparing psychosocial consultations prior to and after the implementation of national clinical guidelines in the Netherlands, we found that general practitioners (GPs) showed less empathy in...

    Authors: Ligaya Butalid, Peter FM Verhaak, Sandra van Dulmen and Jozien M Bensing
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2014 15:188
  8. General practitioners' (GPs') feelings of burnout or dissatisfaction may affect their patient care negatively, but it is unknown if these negative feelings also affect their mental health care. GPs' available ...

    Authors: Else M Zantinge, Peter FM Verhaak, Dinny H de Bakker, Klaas van der Meer and Jozien M Bensing
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2009 10:60
  9. Child and adolescent mental health problems are frequently not identified and properly treated within general practice. Politicians in the Netherlands are promoting more primary healthcare treatment for mental...

    Authors: Peter FM Verhaak, Marloes van Dijk, Dick Walstock and Marieke Zwaanswijk
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2015 16:132
  10. Little is known about the course and outcome of untreated anxiety and depression in patients with and without a self-perceived need for care. The aim of the present study was to examine the one-year course of ...

    Authors: Ilse MJ van Beljouw, Peter FM Verhaak, Pim Cuijpers, Harm WJ van Marwijk and Brenda WJH Penninx
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2010 10:86
  11. Internationally, guidelines for depression recommend a stepped care approach, implying that antidepressant medication should not be offered as a first step treatment to patients with sub-threshold or mild depr...

    Authors: Gerdien Franx, Jochanan Huyser, Jan Koetsenruijter, Christina M van der Feltz-Cornelis, Peter FM Verhaak, Richard PTM Grol and Michel Wensing
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2014 15:35
  12. Depressive and anxiety disorders often go unrecognized in distressed primary care patients, despite the overtly psychosocial nature of their demand for help. This is especially problematic in more severe disor...

    Authors: Berend Terluin, Evelien PM Brouwers, Harm WJ van Marwijk, Peter FM Verhaak and Henriëtte E van der Horst
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2009 10:58
  13. In view of the increasing number of senior citizens in our society who are likely to consult their GP with age-related health problems, it is important to identify and understand the preferences of this group ...

    Authors: P(Ine) GJ Berkelmans, Annette J Berendsen, Peter FM Verhaak and Klaas van der Meer
    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2010 10:80