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  1. The combination of thiamine, ascorbic acid, and hydrocortisone has recently emerged as a potential adjunctive therapy to antibiotics, infectious source control, and supportive care for patients with sepsis and...

    Authors: Ari Moskowitz, Lars W. Andersen, David T. Huang, Katherine M. Berg, Anne V. Grossestreuer, Paul E. Marik, Robert L. Sherwin, Peter C. Hou, Lance B. Becker, Michael N. Cocchi, Pratik Doshi, Jonathan Gong, Ayan Sen and Michael W. Donnino
    Citation: Critical Care 2018 22:283
  2. Optimal fluid therapy in the perioperative and critical care settings depends on understanding the underlying cardiovascular physiology and individualizing assessment of the dynamic patient state.

    Authors: Greg S. Martin, David A. Kaufman, Paul E. Marik, Nathan I. Shapiro, Denny Z. H. Levett, John Whittle, David B. MacLeod, Desiree Chappell, Jonathan Lacey, Tom Woodcock, Kay Mitchell, Manu L. N. G. Malbrain, Tom M. Woodcock, Daniel Martin, Chris H. E. Imray, Michael W. Manning…
    Citation: Perioperative Medicine 2020 9:12