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  1. Carbon fixation through biological methanation has emerged as a promising technology to produce renewable energy in the context of the circular economy. The anaerobic digestion microbiome is the fundamental bi...

    Authors: Nicola De Bernardini, Arianna Basile, Guido Zampieri, Adam Kovalovszki, Beatrix De Diego Diaz, Elisabetta Offer, Nantharat Wongfaed, Irini Angelidaki, Panagiotis G. Kougias, Stefano Campanaro and Laura Treu
    Citation: Microbiome 2022 10:117
  2. Microorganisms in biogas reactors are essential for degradation of organic matter and methane production. However, a comprehensive genome-centric comparison, including relevant metadata for each sample, is sti...

    Authors: Stefano Campanaro, Laura Treu, Luis M. Rodriguez-R, Adam Kovalovszki, Ryan M. Ziels, Irena Maus, Xinyu Zhu, Panagiotis G. Kougias, Arianna Basile, Gang Luo, Andreas Schlüter, Konstantinos T. Konstantinidis and Irini Angelidaki
    Citation: Biotechnology for Biofuels 2020 13:25
  3. The viral community has the potential to influence the structure of the microbiome and thus the yield of the anaerobic digestion process. However, the virome composition in anaerobic digestion is still under-i...

    Authors: Alessandro Rossi, Maria Silvia Morlino, Maria Gaspari, Arianna Basile, Panagiotis Kougias, Laura Treu and Stefano Campanaro
    Citation: Microbiome 2022 10:125
  4. Methanogenesis, a biological process mediated by complex microbial communities, has attracted great attention due to its contribution to global warming and potential in biotechnological applications. The curre...

    Authors: Xinyu Zhu, Stefano Campanaro, Laura Treu, Rekha Seshadri, Natalia Ivanova, Panagiotis G. Kougias, Nikos Kyrpides and Irini Angelidaki
    Citation: Microbiome 2020 8:22
  5. Biogas production is an economically attractive technology that has gained momentum worldwide over the past years. Biogas is produced by a biologically mediated process, widely known as “anaerobic digestion.” ...

    Authors: Stefano Campanaro, Laura Treu, Panagiotis G. Kougias, Davide De Francisci, Giorgio Valle and Irini Angelidaki
    Citation: Biotechnology for Biofuels 2016 9:26
  6. The expansion of renewable energy produced by windmills and photovoltaic panels has generated a considerable electricity surplus, which can be utilized in water electrolysis systems for hydrogen production. Th...

    Authors: Alessandra Fontana, Panagiotis G. Kougias, Laura Treu, Adam Kovalovszki, Giorgio Valle, Fabrizio Cappa, Lorenzo Morelli, Irini Angelidaki and Stefano Campanaro
    Citation: Microbiome 2018 6:194
  7. RNA-seq studies have an important role for both large-scale analysis of gene expression and for transcriptome reconstruction. However, the lack of software specifically developed for the analysis of the transc...

    Authors: Alessandro Sardu, Laura Treu and Stefano Campanaro
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2014 15:1045
  8. The microbial community in a biogas reactor greatly influences the process performance. However, only the effects of deterministic factors (such as temperature and hydraulic retention time (HRT)) on the microb...

    Authors: Gang Luo, Davide De Francisci, Panagiotis G Kougias, Treu Laura, Xinyu Zhu and Irini Angelidaki
    Citation: Biotechnology for Biofuels 2015 8:3