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  1. We summarize comparative ethnoornithological data for ten Mexican Indigenous communities, an initial step towards a comprehensive archive of the avian diversity conserved within Mexico’s Indigenous territories...

    Authors: Graciela Alcántara-Salinas, Eugene S. Hunn, María Elena Ibáñez-Bravo, Elda Miriam Aldasoro-Maya, Noé Flores-Hernández, Juan Antonio Pérez-Sato, Natalia Real-Luna, Rafael Arturo Muñoz-Márquez Trujillo, Diana Lope-Alzina and Jaime Ernesto Rivera-Hernández
    Citation: Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2022 18:69
  2. Indigenous cultures are the result of their adaptation to the natural surroundings, in such a way that, amongst their main features is a set of knowledge, technologies and strategies for the appropriation of n...

    Authors: Romina García-López, Alejandro Villegas, Noé Pacheco-Coronel and Graciela Gómez-Álvarez
    Citation: Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2017 13:6
  3. Wild-type (wt) polyglutamine (polyQ) regions are implicated in stabilization of protein-protein interactions (PPI). Pathological polyQ expansion, such as that in human Ataxin-1 (ATXN1), that causes spinocerebe...

    Authors: Sara Rocha, Jorge Vieira, Noé Vázquez, Hugo López-Fernández, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, Miguel Reboiro-Jato, André D. Sousa and Cristina P. Vieira
    Citation: BMC Medical Genomics 2019 12:145
  4. L-ascorbate (Vitamin C) is an important antioxidant and co-factor in eukaryotic cells, and in mammals it is indispensable for brain development and cognitive function. Vertebrates usually become L-ascorbate au...

    Authors: Sílvia F. Henriques, Pedro Duque, Hugo López-Fernández, Noé Vázquez, Florentino Fdez-Riverola, Miguel Reboiro-Jato, Cristina P. Vieira and Jorge Vieira
    Citation: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2019 19:126
  5. miRNAs exert their effect through a negative regulatory mechanism silencing expression upon hybridizing to their target mRNA, and have a prominent position in the control of many cellular processes including c...

    Authors: Blanca Elena Castro-Magdonel, Manuela Orjuela, Javier Camacho, Adda Jeanette García-Chéquer, Lourdes Cabrera-Muñoz, Stanislaw Sadowinski-Pine, Noé Durán-Figueroa, María de Jesús Orozco-Romero, Ana Claudia Velázquez-Wong, Adriana Hernández-Ángeles, Claudia Hernández-Galván, Citlali Lara-Molina and M. Verónica Ponce-Castañeda
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2017 17:458