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  1. Leptospirosis is a bacterial zoonosis. Leptospirosis incidence (LI) in Sri Lanka is high. Infected animals excrete leptospires into the environment via their urine. Survival of leptospires in the environment u...

    Authors: N. D. B. Ehelepola, Kusalika Ariyaratne, A. M. S. M. C. M. Aththanayake, Kamalanath Samarakoon and H. M. Arjuna Thilakarathna
    Citation: Tropical Medicine and Health 2021 49:43
  2. The presence of nickel in our water sources presents a danger to human health and aquatic organisms alike. Therefore, there is a need to detect and monitor nickel concentration in these sources. Current detect...

    Authors: Francis Eric P. Almaquer, John Salvador Y. Ricacho and Ryan Lee G. Ronquillo
    Citation: Sustainable Environment Research 2019 29:23
  3. Iodine deficiency and iodine excess are both associated with adverse health consequences. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy leads to insufficient maternal thyroid hormone, subsequently causing irreversible ad...

    Authors: Le Zhang, Weiping Teng, Yuhui Liu, Jing Li, Jinyuan Mao, Chenling Fan, Hong Wang, Hongmei Zhang and Zhongyan Shan
    Citation: BMC Neuroscience 2012 13:121
  4. Ni2O3- γ-Fe2O3 composite nanoparticles coated with a layer of 2FeCl3·5H2O can be prepared by co-precipitation and processing in FeCl2 solution. Using vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM), X-ray diffraction (XRD), ...

    Authors: Yueqiang Lin, Jian Li, Lihua Lin, Xiaodong Liu, Longlong Chen and Jun Fu
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:127
  5. Purification of recombinant proteins is often a challenging matter because high purity and high recovery are desired. If the expressed recombinant protein is also in a complex matrix, such as from the silkworm...

    Authors: Robert Minkner, Jian Xu, Kenshin Takemura, Jirayu Boonyakida, Hermann Wätzig and Enoch Y. Park
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2020 18:159
  6. Pulmonary lesion is frequently seen in ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) patients primarily due to AAV lung involvement or infection, which are hard to differentiate due to their high similarity in clinical man...

    Authors: Yujuan Wang, Zhuan Qu, Wei Liang, Xinghua Chen, Cheng Chen, Hui Cheng, Haiyun Hu, Zhongpin Wei, Ke Su, Lianhua Yang and Huiming Wang
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2023 23:27
  7. Our research revealed that 24-epibrassinolide alleviated nickel toxicity in young Eucalyptus urophylla plants, inducing benefits on nutritional, physiological, biochemical, anatomical and morphological responses.

    Authors: Alaene Teixeira Ribeiro, Victor Pereira de Oliveira, Udson de Oliveira Barros Junior, Breno Ricardo Serrão da Silva, Bruno Lemos Batista and Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato
    Citation: Annals of Forest Science 2020 77:5
  8. Li-ion batteries (LIB) are used in most portable electronics. Among a wide variety of materials, LiCoO2 (LCO) is one of the most used for the cathode of LIB. LCO particles induce oxidative stress in mouse lungs d...

    Authors: Violaine Sironval, Vittoria Scagliarini, Sivakumar Murugadoss, Maura Tomatis, Yousof Yakoub, Francesco Turci, Peter Hoet, Dominique Lison and Sybille van den Brule
    Citation: Particle and Fibre Toxicology 2020 17:6
  9. Cervical cancer incidence and mortality is high in Uyghur ethnics. Their life style and dietary habit were different from other ethnics living together. Study on the role of trace elements in HPV infection and...

    Authors: Guzhalinuer Abulizi, Yuan-Yuan Zhang, Patiman Mijiti, Hua Li, Guzhalinuer Abuduxikuer, Jing Cai, Zhi-Hong Dong, Gulimire Naizhaer, Xiu-Wei Yang, Miherinisha Maimaiti, Ling-Lu, Guligeina Abudurexiti, Gulixian Tuerxun, Kailibinuer Aierken, Yu-Jie Jiang, Li-Li…
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2018 18:925
  10. In Germany, risk of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is highest among people who inject drugs (PWID). New injectors (NI) are particularly vulnerable for HCV-acquisition, but little is known about health seeki...

    Authors: Julia Enkelmann, Martyna Gassowski, Stine Nielsen, Benjamin Wenz, Stefan Roß, Ulrich Marcus, Viviane Bremer and Ruth Zimmermann
    Citation: Harm Reduction Journal 2020 17:7
  11. Previous studies have demonstrated that exposure to nickel nanoparticles (Nano-Ni) causes oxidative stress and severe, persistent lung inflammation, which are strongly associated with pulmonary toxicity. Howev...

    Authors: Yiqun Mo, Mizu Jiang, Yue Zhang, Rong Wan, Jing Li, Chuan-Jian Zhong, Huangyuan Li, Shichuan Tang and Qunwei Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2019 17:2
  12. The purpose of this work was to transform a regional biowaste into value-added chemicals and products through a modest thermo-catalytic pyrolysis process. ZSM-11 (Zeolite Socony Mobile-11) zeolites modified by...

    Authors: Carla S. Fermanelli, Adrián Chiappori, Liliana B. Pierella and Clara Saux
    Citation: Sustainable Environment Research 2022 32:3
  13. A mixed ionic and semiconducting composite in a single-layer configuration has been shown to work as a fuel cell at a lower temperature (500–600 °C) than a traditional solid-oxide fuel cell. The performance of...

    Authors: S. Jouttijärvi, X. Yao, M. I. Asghar, J. Etula, A.-M. Reinecke, W. Lippmann and P. D. Lund
    Citation: BMC Energy 2020 2:4
  14. Li-ion batteries (LIB) are increasingly used worldwide. They are made of low solubility micrometric particles, implying a potential for inhalation toxicity in occupational settings and possibly for consumers. ...

    Authors: Violaine Sironval, Mihaly Palmai-Pallag, Rita Vanbever, François Huaux, Jorge Mejia, Stéphane Lucas, Dominique Lison and Sybille van den Brule
    Citation: Particle and Fibre Toxicology 2019 16:35
  15. Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) affects millions globally, but therapy development is lagging. New experimental systems that monitor neuronal functions in conditions approximating the AD brain may be beneficial for i...

    Authors: Yi-Chen Hsieh, Joseph Negri, Amy He, Richard V. Pearse II, Lei Liu, Duc M. Duong, Lori B. Chibnik, David A. Bennett, Nicholas T. Seyfried and Tracy L. Young-Pearse
    Citation: Molecular Neurodegeneration 2022 17:61