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  1. DNA methyltransferase 1 (DNMT1) is the enzyme responsible for the maintenance of DNA methylation patterns during cell division. DNMT1 expression is tightly regulated within the cell cycle. Our previous study s...

    Authors: Alexander Unterberger, Jérôme Torrisani and Moshe Szyf
    Citation: Biological Procedures Online 2008 10:101047
  2. Peripheral nerve injury can have long-term consequences including pain-related manifestations, such as hypersensitivity to cutaneous stimuli, as well as affective and cognitive disturbances, suggesting the inv...

    Authors: Sebastian Alvarado, Maral Tajerian, Magali Millecamps, Mathew Suderman, Laura S Stone and Moshe Szyf
    Citation: Molecular Pain 2013 9:21
  3. Childhood abuse is associated with increased adult disease risk, suggesting that processes acting over the long-term, such as epigenetic regulation of gene activity, may be involved. DNA methylation is a criti...

    Authors: Matthew Suderman, Nada Borghol, Jane J Pappas, Snehal M Pinto Pereira, Marcus Pembrey, Clyde Hertzman, Chris Power and Moshe Szyf
    Citation: BMC Medical Genomics 2014 7:13
  4. The extracellular matrix protein SPARC (Secreted Protein, Acidic, Rich in Cysteine) has been linked to degeneration of the intervertebral discs and chronic low back pain (LBP). In humans, SPARC protein express...

    Authors: Maral Tajerian, Sebastian Alvarado, Magali Millecamps, Thomas Dashwood, Kathleen M Anderson, Lisbet Haglund, Jean Ouellet, Moshe Szyf and Laura S Stone
    Citation: Molecular Pain 2011 7:65
  5. Research has demonstrated an association between exposure to early life stress and an increased risk of psychiatric disorders in later life, in particular depression. However, the mechanism through which early...

    Authors: Helene Dukal, Josef Frank, Maren Lang, Jens Treutlein, Maria Gilles, Isabell AC Wolf, Bertram Krumm, Renaud Massart, Moshe Szyf, Manfred Laucht, Michael Deuschle, Marcella Rietschel and Stephanie H Witt
    Citation: Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation 2015 2:8
  6. Immune surveillance acts as a defense mechanism in cancer, and its disruption is involved in cancer progression. DNA methylation reflects the phenotypic identity of cells and recent data suggested that DNA met...

    Authors: Surabhi Parashar, David Cheishvili, Niaz Mahmood, Ani Arakelian, Imrana Tanvir, Haseeb Ahmed Khan, Richard Kremer, Catalin Mihalcioiu, Moshe Szyf and Shafaat A. Rabbani
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2018 18:574
  7. Exposure to stress during pregnancy may program susceptibility to the development of obesity in offspring. Our goal was to determine whether prenatal maternal stress (PNMS) due to a natural disaster was associ...

    Authors: Lei Cao-Lei, Guillaume Elgbeili, Moshe Szyf, David P. Laplante and Suzanne King
    Citation: BMC Research Notes 2019 12:174
  8. The idea that changes to the host immune system are critical for cancer progression was proposed a century ago and recently regained experimental support.

    Authors: Yonghong Zhang, Sophie Petropoulos, Jinhua Liu, David Cheishvili, Rudy Zhou, Sergiy Dymov, Kang Li, Ning Li and Moshe Szyf
    Citation: Clinical Epigenetics 2018 10:8
  9. Insulin producing cells generated by liver cell transdifferentiation, could serve as an attractive source for regenerative medicine. The present study assesses the relationship between DNA methylation pTFs ind...

    Authors: Adi Har-Zahav, Daniela Lixandru, David Cheishvili, Ioan Valentin Matei, Ioana Raluca Florea, Veronica Madalina Aspritoiu, Inna Blus-Kadosh, Irit Meivar-Levy, Andreea Madalina Serban, Irinel Popescu, Moshe Szyf, Sarah Ferber and Simona Olimpia Dima
    Citation: Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2022 13:476
  10. Prostate Cancer (PCa) is the second most common cancer in men where advancements have been made for early detection using imaging techniques, however these are limited by lesion size. Immune surveillance has e...

    Authors: Ali Mehdi, David Cheishvili, Ani Arakelian, Tarek A. Bismar, Moshe Szyf and Shafaat A. Rabbani
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2020 20:588
  11. Prenatal maternal stress (PNMS) is an important programming factor of postnatal immunity. We tested here the hypothesis that DNA methylation of genes in the NF-κB signaling pathway in T cells mediates the effe...

    Authors: Lei Cao-Lei, Franz Veru, Guillaume Elgbeili, Moshe Szyf, David P. Laplante and Suzanne King
    Citation: Clinical Epigenetics 2016 8:54