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  1. The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant global impact. However, COVID-19 is just one of several high-impact infectious diseases that emerged from wildlife a...

    Authors: Katie Woolaston, Zoe Nay, Michelle L. Baker, Callum Brockett, Mieghan Bruce, Chris Degeling, Joshua Gilbert, Bethany Jackson, Hope Johnson, Alison Peel, Shafi Sahibzada, Charlotte Oskam and Chad L. Hewitt
    Citation: Globalization and Health 2022 18:73
  2. Toxoplasma gondii causes reproductive losses in sheep worldwide, including Australia. The reproductive performance of primiparous ewes is typically lower than for mature, multiparous ewes, and younger ewes are mo...

    Authors: Thomas Clune, Amy Lockwood, Serina Hancock, Andrew N. Thompson, Mieghan Bruce, Sue Beetson, Angus J. Campbell, Elsa Glanville, Daniel Brookes, Colin Trengove, Ryan O’Handley and Caroline Jacobson
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2022 18:109
  3. Certain postoperative wounds are recognised to be associated with more complications than others and may be termed high-risk. Wound healing can be particularly challenging following high-energy trauma where wo...

    Authors: Karen L. Perry, Lynda Rutherford, David M. R. Sajik and Mieghan Bruce
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2015 11:279
  4. Lamb survival is an important welfare and productivity issue for sheep industries worldwide. Lower lamb survival has been reported for primiparous ewes, but the causes of this are not well studied. The aim of ...

    Authors: Tom Clune, Shane Besier, Sam Hair, Serina Hancock, Amy Lockwood, Andrew Thompson, Martina Jelocnik and Caroline Jacobson
    Citation: Veterinary Research 2021 52:84