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  1. A peer-reviewed journal would not survive without the generous time and insightful comments of the reviewers, whose efforts often go unrecognized. Although final decisions are always editorial, they are greatl...

    Authors: Douglas G. Altman, Curt D. Furberg and Jeremy M. Grimshaw
    Citation: Trials 2016 17:86
  2. Responsiveness to changing photoperiods from summer to winter seasons is an important but variable physiological trait in most temperate-zone mammals. Variation may be due to disorders of melatonin secretion o...

    Authors: Matthew Rocco Price, Julie Anita Marie Kruse, M Eric Galvez, Annaka M Lorincz, Mauricio Avigdor and Paul D Heideman
    Citation: Journal of Circadian Rhythms 2005 3:12